Monday, 4 May 2015

187. April Empties

April was a super busy month and, as I reached my 8th month of pregnancy - think backache, swollen feet, tiredness - I needed a lot of pampering to get myself feeling even half normal. Although I don't have that many empties to share with you this month, I tried loads of new products so I'll be reviewing them over the next few weeks and, by this time next month, I'm sure I'll have a whole load of empties to review. So, let's take a look at what I used up in April...
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula (with Vitamin E) Skin Therapy Oil
I bought this stuff ages ago - before I even knew I was pregnant - as it was on offer at Boots for about half it's RRP (it's currently on offer at Boots for £6.66, down from £9.99). Skin Therapy and stretchmark products are always expensive and they make big claims about what they can achieve, so I wanted to give one of them a try - without breaking the bank.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil almost daily. I'd use it everytime I got out of the bath, and sometimes just when my skin was feeling a bit dry or irritated. I massaged it into my stomach, bust and hips - as advised by the bottle - but it certainly hasn't stopped me getting stretchmarks. I don't really know whether I just didn't use it enough or whether, if you're going to get stretchmarks, you're just going to get them no matter what... but, either way, I wouldn't repurchase.

Touch of Silver Daily Nourish Conditioner
Last month, I finished and reviewed the Touch of Silver shampoo in my March Empties, and in April I used up the remainder of my Touch of Silver Daily Nourish Conditioner (currently £2.03 in Boots, for 200ml). I actually really liked this product - it left my hair feeling nourished and soft - but, as with the shampoo, I didn't notice any great difference in the actual tone of my hair. I'm not sure I would repurchase this product to be honest, but I have nothing bad to say about it!
Garnier Micellar Water
I've just finished my second bottle of Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water (currently on offer at Boots at £3.33, down from £4.99) and I love it. A bottle lasts me a good 4 or 5 months, and that's with daily use! I use this product to remove my make-up before using a face wash and it's brilliant - it even gets rid of that tough mascara and eyeliner, without just smudging it across your face.

The cleanser itself is an unscented, water like product. It leaves very little residue on the skin and, any that is left, can easily be washed off by your face wash. I found that, rather than simply using a face wash or face wipe, it left my skin soothed and clear - rather than irritated and red.

Although I haven't repurchased this time as I'm trying out a different brand, I would recommend this product highly and I'm sure I'll buy it again in the future. 

Sure Compressed Long Last Protection Anti-Perspirant 
I've raved about my undying love for Sure's Maximum Protection range here, but I always carry a back up with me for when I'm out and about, in case it gets super warm super quickly or I'm having a busy day, and I always go for Sure Compressed Long Lasting Protection (currently with £1.10 off at Boots, for only £1!).

The size alone is a major winning factor for me, as it's so easy to carry around in your handbag, unlike the chunky cans we're used to. It also smells gorgeous! I've been using the 'Bright' anti-perspirant in April and it's got a lovely floral scent. I wouldn't say that it lasts the 48 hours that it claims too, or perhaps I'm just really sweaty? But it's definitely strong enough to get you through a busy day! 


  1. I've been using the cleansing water it's such a bargain x
    Love Vicki |

    1. It really is a fab product for the price, you really can't go wrong! xxx