Monday, 11 February 2013

4. Beauty // Superdrug Shopping Spree!

Last week, I went a bit mental in Superdrug - as you can see from the below pictures!! - and my bank balance is now feeling very depressed. But, at least I have lots of goodies to show for it! Luckily, my boyfriend gave me some money yesterday to get myself some treats, so I went straight to Superdrug and spent around £50 in total... Oops!

Aussie 'Miracle Shine' Shampoo & 'Colour Mate' Conditioner (2 for £6.99)
Although I haven't used these products yet, I am a huge Aussie fan and always treat myself to their haircare products when I can afford them as the smell is absolutely sublime and they always leave my hair feeling silky smooth. I'll be using these tomorrow night so I will let you know my opinion!

Rimmel 'Fix & Perfect' Primer in 002, £6.99
This is an absolute Godsend! When I had my make-up done professionally on Friday, the beautician suggested I start using a primer so that my make-up stays on longer and looks more flawless. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford Benefit's primer, I found this bargain version by Rimmel for under £7 - compared to over £20 for Benefit's - and so far, so good. I applied it this morning using a new foundation brush and found that, not only did my foundation go on much smoother and look more natural, but I also didn't have to use as much. It's a win-win situation!

Collection 2000 'Colour Pout' Lasting Lip Stain in 'Kiss', £3.99
Lip Stain is something I've been wanting to try for a while as I'm usually too scared to try lipsticks or brightly coloured lipgloss. So when I found this plum toned lip stain I knew I had to have it, especially considering the price tag! When I first applied it, it felt really odd as it's like a felt tip pen and you just pretty much colour your lips in, but the colour is gorgeous and it does last a good few hours. I've been applying clear lipgloss over it to give my lips a nice sheen, and the colour is perfect for a night out.

Collection 2000 '60 Seconds' Nail Polish in 'Twilight' and 'Parma Violet', £1.99 each
I haven't tried these yet but the colours are GORGEOUS! Twilight is a grey-purple shade, and Parma Violet is more of an electric blue/purple colour. I can't wait to try them but I'm sticking to French Manicure nails at the moment, as I have an interview tomorrow and want to look professional and smart.

MUA Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten Kit in Medium Rose
This is fab! It is a set of three different coloured concealers and highlighters all of which are fantastic. I've been using the palest colour to cover up any spots and then the medium shade as a blusher/bronzer and they work really well either under or over foundation!

Collection 2000 Blush & Highlight Cream Duo in Strawberries & Cream
I love, love, LOVE this! The packaging is really cute and simple and the colours are fantastic and blend really well over foundation, even powder. There is a 'strawberry' cream which is used as a blusher and isn't too bright so it looks very natural and rose-tinted rather than a trashy colour, and the highlighter is fantastic! I've been using it under my eyes, above my cheekbones and on my brow and it really works, drawing attention to parts of your face that you're happy with and shaping your face a little bit too. I can't remember how much it costed but it was well under £5, as was the conceal & brighten kit!

Collection 2000 Big Fake Ultimate Mascara in Black
As far as cheap mascaras go, this has proven to be pretty good! I usually use Max Factor mascara's as I absolutely LOVE them, especially False Lash Effect, which is amazing. But I needed a cheaper alternative to keep at my boyfriends so I picked this up whilst I was shopping and I haven't been disappointed. I'd personally say that this mascara focuses more on increasing the length, rather than the thickness and volume, of your lashes, but all in all it's a good budget mascara.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow
Again, a fantastic and affordable product. It looks gorgeous in the little mosaic pattern and then you apply it and it's perfect too! I'm quite pale so I never want a dark bronzer, I just use it to shape and contour my face a little bit, and it is perfect for that. Some of the shades are very dark but you can easily avoid them and focus on the more sunkissed shades.

MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in Jet Black
This is a pretty simple product which needs very little explanation. It is a jet black pencil eyeliner which is fantastic for smoky eyes!

Anyway, I have an interview tomorrow morning so I'm off to plan my outfit and give myself a French Manicure in preparation! Wish me luck and I will update later in the week! X

Friday, 8 February 2013

3. Beauty // Treatment Day

I decided to treat myself today and had my lashes and make-up done professionally. I felt that it was a nice thing to do, after losing some weight, to make myself feel good.

I had my lashes done at a local beauty salon as they had a special offer on weekend lashes for £4! I chose the medium length as the long length lashes looked far too long - especially as I'm working tomorrow and don't want to look like I'm in drag! - and I'm really happy with the outcome!

I had to increase the contrast on my photo as I took it in a very bright light, so you can view the photo of my lashes - and the make-up applied by Benefit Cosmetics - at this link:

As for the make-up tutorial, that was also fab! The girl who applied my make-up and talked me through the products was lovely and said that I was welcome to go back anytime I need make-up doing for a special occasion (I will definitely take her up on that offer!)

Below are a list of the beauty products that she used on me, in order, and links to where you buy them!

'Remove It' Make-up Remover (makes your skin feel gorgeous!)

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion

The 'POREfessional' (highly recommend, especially if you have an oily t-zone!)

'Hello Flaweless Oxygen Wow!' Foundation in Ivory (fantastic!)

'One Hot Minute' Bronzer (if you don't have a particularly 'nicely shaped' face then this works wonders. She applied it to my brow, cheekbones, under my chin and my hairline to contour my face)

'Sugarbomb' Face Powder

'Brows a go-go' (also brilliant as it not only adds colour and definition to your brows, but shapes them too)

'Big Beautiful Eyes'

'Full Finish' Lipstick in 'Lady's Choice'

Although I, unfortunately, can't afford any of these products at the moment! Shane said he'd treat me to something for Valentine's Day and I'm also determined to buy myself the 'They're Real' mascara on payday! The products that I tested today were fantastic and my make-up has stayed. I usually have an issue with my foundation staying - even though I use Max Factor powder on top of my foundation - as my skin is prone to being quite oily, but 5 hours in an the make-up is still well and truly there.

That's my post for today, sorry it is 100% make-up related! Have a lovely weekend! Xo

Thursday, 7 February 2013

2. Beauty // Cheeky Purchases.

I've had a really nice day today. I got up early and went down to Caffe Nero to catch up on some studying and then met a friend for coffee and shopping which was lush, although my bank balance doesn't agree.

I, naughtily, bought a new peplum top from Dorothy Perkins which was only £3.75 in the sale with my student discount card! I also got some gorgeous silver sequinned pumps from Littlewoods, which arrived in the post today, along with some new animal print leggins. I even treated myself to some Aussie deep conditioning treatments as my hair is really brittle at the moment.

Note to self: BOOK HAIRCUT!

Tomorrow I'm getting some weekend lashes put in professionally as well as a free make-up tutorial from Benefit, so I'm really looking forwards to that. I'm out for a few drinks on Saturday night so hopefully I'll pick up some tips from my tutorial tomorrow!
I will post a pic of the lash inserts and the make-up tomorrow :-) Bye guys! Xo

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

1. Recipes // Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes

When I first read the title of these cakes, I thought they sounded amazing - cheesecake AND cupcakes TOGETHER?! It's a win-win situation. I initially set out to make Red Velvet cheesecake brownies but in the end myself and my friend went for cupcakes instead and they turned out like so...

The only change I would make next time is to add more red food colouring, as these turned out quite a dark red, rather than a vivid red which would have been more eye-catching. If you fancy trying them, there are a million recipes online if you type in 'Red Velvet cheesecake Brownies' and the only thing you have to do differently - to make cupcakes - is when you pour your cake mix into the muffin case, add a few spoonfuls of your cheesecake mixture and simply swirl the two mixtures together. You then bake them for 30 minutes at Gas Mark 4 (recipes for brownies will say 35-50 minutes, but cupcakes cook much faster than traybakes, and also you want them to be still quite gooey.)

and these are the ingredients:
1/2 cup unsalted butter
2-oz dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
8-oz cream cheese, room temperature
1/3 cup sugar
1 large egg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

So, thanks to a bit of baking and seeing a friend, I've had a really lush day. I finished my second draft of my first assignment this morning and found out that I have an interview, on Tuesday, for a job that would be absolutely perfect for me but I don't want to jinx it by saying too much!
Just a quick update for tonight as I'm going to my boyfriends, so I'll try and update tomorrow night! Xo