Friday, 8 February 2013

3. Beauty // Treatment Day

I decided to treat myself today and had my lashes and make-up done professionally. I felt that it was a nice thing to do, after losing some weight, to make myself feel good.

I had my lashes done at a local beauty salon as they had a special offer on weekend lashes for £4! I chose the medium length as the long length lashes looked far too long - especially as I'm working tomorrow and don't want to look like I'm in drag! - and I'm really happy with the outcome!

I had to increase the contrast on my photo as I took it in a very bright light, so you can view the photo of my lashes - and the make-up applied by Benefit Cosmetics - at this link:

As for the make-up tutorial, that was also fab! The girl who applied my make-up and talked me through the products was lovely and said that I was welcome to go back anytime I need make-up doing for a special occasion (I will definitely take her up on that offer!)

Below are a list of the beauty products that she used on me, in order, and links to where you buy them!

'Remove It' Make-up Remover (makes your skin feel gorgeous!)

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion

The 'POREfessional' (highly recommend, especially if you have an oily t-zone!)

'Hello Flaweless Oxygen Wow!' Foundation in Ivory (fantastic!)

'One Hot Minute' Bronzer (if you don't have a particularly 'nicely shaped' face then this works wonders. She applied it to my brow, cheekbones, under my chin and my hairline to contour my face)

'Sugarbomb' Face Powder

'Brows a go-go' (also brilliant as it not only adds colour and definition to your brows, but shapes them too)

'Big Beautiful Eyes'

'Full Finish' Lipstick in 'Lady's Choice'

Although I, unfortunately, can't afford any of these products at the moment! Shane said he'd treat me to something for Valentine's Day and I'm also determined to buy myself the 'They're Real' mascara on payday! The products that I tested today were fantastic and my make-up has stayed. I usually have an issue with my foundation staying - even though I use Max Factor powder on top of my foundation - as my skin is prone to being quite oily, but 5 hours in an the make-up is still well and truly there.

That's my post for today, sorry it is 100% make-up related! Have a lovely weekend! Xo

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