Tuesday, 17 February 2015

160. Baking with Aldi - Carrot Cake

Hello lovelies.

Any of you that are aware of the rising cost of groceries, will know Aldi. Aldi is, compared to the other big supermarkets, a budget supermarket with great, low price products and its where S and I, without fail, do our weekly shop week in, week out. 

A couple of weeks ago, whilst browsing the aisles, I spotted their baking section and, within that, this carrot cake mix. Carrot cake is one of my all time favourites, it's got just the right amount of spice and doesn't feel too unhealthy (although it surely is!). I quickly picked up a packet - for £1.70 you can't go wrong - and put it aside to use for my sisters birthday, which we celebrated yesterday.

Wright's Carrot Cake Mix (500g)
4 tbsp oil
200ml water
1. Pour the oil and water into a large mixing bowl
2. Add the contents of the cake mix
3. Stir until well mixed and a smooth consistency
4. Add any extras, e.g. raisins, extra carrot, etc
5. Separate the mixture into twelve cupcake cases or a loaf tin
6. Bake in a pre-heated oven (gas mark 6) for 20 minutes or until cooked through

I then left the perfectly risen cupcakes to cool for an hour, before returning to the kitchen to decorate them. For this, I used some of Aldi's Cake Angel's vanilla icing which comes in a large tub for less than £2. The flavour is absolutely delicious - sweet but not sickly and it's the perfect consistency to either top muffins and cupcakes, or sandwich two layers of cake together.

I used around 2/3 of the tub to generously cover the twelve cupcakes, and the rest is back in the fridge ready to be devoured. 

To make these birthday cupcakes look even prettier, I used a gorgeous cupcake box from The Range, although I unfortunately can't find this product on the website - I don't think it was any more than £1. Bargain.
I took the cupcakes with me down to Sheffield to visit my sister, Fi, for her 20th birthday and they went down a treat. It's so lovely to be able to bake something tasty for someone to enjoy on a special day and, if you're looking for something simple and - dare I say it - cheap and cheerful, this is the perfect solution.

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