Sunday, 15 February 2015

159. Sunday Summary

Hello lovelies.

I hope you've all had an amazing week. The weather has been pretty hit and miss and we're well into the month, meaning that many peoples funds are beginning to run low (including mine!) but here's what I've been up to, nonetheless.

The week got off to a pretty boring start as I was working Monday and in the evening S and I just stayed in and relaxed, but I did treat myself to chip shop chips for lunch as I'd been craving them for weeks! We also got started on the awesome Better Call Saul which is available on Netflix. S's brother and his girlfriend welcomed their new baby boy, Roman, into the world on Monday too which was lovely news!

My Granny's beautiful engagement ring which I had resized and collected on Monday.

On Tuesday I treated myself to getting my hair cut and coloured at my favourite local salon, Transcend. I arrived with horrifically thick, tatty hair with a million and one split ends but left, four hours and two cups of tea later, with smoother, lighter, sleeker locks. I only lost about 2" of length so I was really pleased. Mum, her partner and I headed off to the cinema to watch Selma on Tuesday night and I can't recommend it highly enough; such a wonderful film.

Again Wednesday was spent at work - snore! - but Comic Relief's Bake Off more than made up for it. What a great line up for the first episode, I couldn't stop laughing and it made me really want to get back into baking!

On Thursday, I caught up with one of my best friends over a hot chocolate and a game of Peggle! It was fab to have a few hours to see each other and I can't wait for us to do it again soon. I also had my first ever filling on Thursday (which I then followed up immediately with a Gregg's pasty!) which was a much easier procedure than I was anticipating - what a relief.

After work on Friday I, as usual, headed over to my dads for the night. He made a delicious dinner of mince pie, wedges and veggies, and we had a nice, lazy evening watching the television. I even got to share the bed with our (outdoor) cat which was an unexpected - but lovely - surprise.

Saturday was a big day at work as I was left to dispense (advise and sell glasses) as well as pre-screen patients, which isn't something I normally do, but thankfully it went well with no major hitches. I met S late afternoon and we visited his brother and his girlfriend to meet baby Roman who - I can confirm - is adorable. After a couple of hours swooning, we popped in on one of S's other brothers for a bit of a catch up before heading back to Dad's for an Indian takeaway and a movie. It may have been a low key valentine's day but it was perfect.

Today we had a mini shopping trip in Carlisle where we picked up a few household bargains from The Range, including some photo frames, candles and kitchen accessories. Mum and her partner cooked us a delicious beef Sunday roast which was so yummy (although we had just eaten a McDonald's too - oops!) and, as always, it was lovely to spend a couple of hours with Mum. After calling in on S's mum, Grandma (who gifted us some gorgeous knitted goodies for the baby) and his third (and final) brother, I came home to a tasty cottage pie cooked by my Dad and baked some cupcakes which I'll share on here next week.

All in all, its been a really lovely week. Its been all about family and love which, as cheesy as it sounds, really is all that matters.

How has your week been?
Did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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