Tuesday, 10 February 2015

158. 21 Week Pregnancy Update

I'm now past the halfway stage of my pregnancy! I'm now 21 weeks pregnant which means I'm be closer to the end than the start, which is a nice feeling as I can't wait for this little bean to make an appearance.

Since my announcement one month ago time has really flown by. I feel like once it was out in the open and I was able to talk about it more, the days and weeks merged together and, before I knew it, it was time for our 20 week scan.

Shane and I travelled to Newcastle's RVI hospital last Monday for the scan; both feeling ridiculously excited and, of course, nervous too. I've mentioned before that you go such a long time between scans that, if you don't feel much - or even, any - movements, it can be a scary and tense time, which is how it was for me as I've only felt the odd flutter and kick.. but I'm hoping that they will become much more frequent now. 

We had decided that we wanted to find out the gender of our baby and so we told the sonographer this when she led us in to the ultrasound room. I lay down on my back, got my growing belly out and we got going. It's an incredible feeling when you see your little one pop up on the screen and, even more amazing, when you see it's little heart beating ten to the dozen right in front of you. Words can't even describe, as any mum will know.

Your 20 week scan is also known as your anomaly scan, where the sonographer checks all of the babies vital organs and takes several measurements, to ensure that everything is on track and progressing as it should be. Our sonographer struggled to find one part of the heart initially which meant I had my heart in my mouth for about five minutes but, eventually, she found it and we were able to relax as she reassured us that everything was as it should be. Phewph. 

Now comes the exciting issue of gender. S and I had thought, from our very first scan, that we were having a baby boy, for several reasons. 1) He comes from a family of 4 boys, and his father is one of 5 boys, b) The baby was so stubborn and mischievous at our 12 week scan that we just thought it seemed like a little lad (which I know is so stereotypical, sorry boys!) and we'd even picked out a name; we were that sure.

Oh, how wrong we were. We're expecting a baby girl! I couldn't contain my excitement when this was announced as I've always wanted a little girl, although I would have been equally happy with a baby boy too, of course. And - you never know! -  the scan may be wrong...

So, how have I been feeling lately? Well, I've been very achy and my tiredness that I struggled with in my first trimester has come back with a vengeance which isn't great when I'm facing long days at work and trying to fit in catching up with friends and family too. 

Emotionally, I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't cried for a good few weeks and my snappy temper seems to have toned it down (I'm sure S is thankful for that!). My sleep seems to be improving too and I'm not getting up as many times during the night for the loo either.

My appetite has most definitely increased and I'm really loving marmite on toast and a big glass of cold milk at the minute, although I'm trying to keep my fat intake down - just in case this discomfort does turn out to be gallstones! Urgh. 

There is still no weight gain - in fact, I've lost a couple of pounds in the last week by being poorly - but my tummy has certainly begun to POP and my breasts feel a lot heavier too. 

My baby bump is definitely beginning to make an appearance!

I start my Pregnancy Yoga classes soon and I'm really looking forwards to it as I'll meet other pregnant women and the classes are intended to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as providing you with techniques to use during childbirth, which is something that I'm still trying not to think about just yet! 

In general, I'm feeling pretty good. Everything is still going smoothly and our baby appears healthy. My friends, family and work colleagues continue to be an incredible support and I just can't wait for S and I to be introduced to our little girl.


  1. Aw a girl! I can see you are going to spoil her rotten! :) Glad to hear it is all going okay! :)


    1. Thank-you Danni! Oh God, I can't deny it for a second, she will be spoilt rotten! xxx