Sunday, 23 June 2013

40. Lifestyle // My Weekend

Hey lovelies, I had promised that I'd be uploading a recipe for Singapore Chicken Noodles today but, as it's a rainy Sunday, the man-friend and I decided to have a lazy day, involving no cooking whatsoever... so I'll try and blog the recipe at some point next week.

There are so many things that I'm dying to blog about but for today I thought I'd keep it short and sweet, so I can get back to lying in bed, watching films and eating chocolates. So, instead, here's what I got up to this weekend.


On Friday, I had the interview that I'd been so ridiculously nervous/excited/terrified/happy about; and, for anyone who didn't read my post earlier in the week, I got the job. A real job, a proper one. 

However, I also had some bad news from the family front which shook me a bit so I decided that, rather than celebrating with my boyfriend or friends, I'd go out for a drink and a catch up with my mum as we 'really needed to talk' and all that. So, we went up to a beautiful pub called The Rat Inn (situated in Anick, Northumberland) and I had an ice-cold j20 in the sunshine whilst we caught up. I have only been home once in the last three weeks so it was a much overdue catch up.

I headed home at about 6.30pm and S and I shared a bottle of wine and watched Wreck it Ralph in bed.


Yesterday was another fab day. I was awoken at 9.30am by the - eventual - arrival of my *beautiful* new phone, which I then spent most of the morning playing on. I love, love, love it; I can even update my blog from my phone now which is new to me!

When S finished work, we headed over to the Metrocentre for our date night. It had been a few weeks since we'd had a proper day out together as we've been so skint and stressed lately, so we decided we deserved a nice day out. 

We went to see Brad Pitt's new movie - 'World War Z' - which I really enjoyed. It isn't absolutely amazing, but I'd watch it again and I liked the storyline. And, well, Brad Pitt. Need I say anymore?

After the film, we headed to one of our all-time favourite restauraunts, Chiquito's. Chiquito's is a Mexican restaurant with a huge range of meals; from fajitas and enchiladas, to steaks and salads. They also have some incredible sounding cocktails on the menu. *Yum!*

We opted to share the fully loaded nachos for a stater which were amazing and super filling; I think three or even four people could quite happily share a bowl and for under £10, they're not too expensive either! For my main course, I fancied trying something different, so I had spicy chicken baked enchiladas with spiced Mexican rice. One word: delish.

S went for the Piri Piri Chicken with sweet potato wedges and coleslaw which also looked gorgeous but there's no way I could of managed to eat such a big portion! We washed our food down with two pints of San Miguel (for him) and a large glass of Rioja (for her). The best bit was... Chiquito's had a special offer on that day; 'show your cinema ticket from today and get 20% off your food bill.' We panicked when we arrived as we realised we'd left the tickets in the cinema but our waiter Smiler (who totally lived up to his name and was a delight) gave us the discount anyway, which was lovely.

Altogether our meal cost just under £45 which I thought was a steal as we spent a good hour and a half there, enjoyed the food immensly and left barely able to walk as we were so full.


Today is our lazy day as I'm heading home tomorrow and we wanted to just relax together, stay in bed all day and enjoy each others company, as I won't be back until next Saturday. We had a lovely long lie-in and then headed down to our local Wetherspoons for a big fat fry-up, which was super tasty (and super unhealthy).

The rest of the day will probably consist of films, chocolate and cuddles. Which is fine by me as next week is a very busy week. I have lots of university work to catch-up on and an assignment to finish *eek* and I also need to prepare for my new job which starts a week on Monday!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend too.

Much love,
Becci xo

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  1. Congrats on your new job! Chiquito's look great, never tried it but walk past it in town all the time. Need to try those nachos! :)

    1. Ah you totally should, it's DELICIOUS and not too pricey either! Win, win! xX