Thursday, 17 October 2013

90. Lifestyle // 21 before 21 FINALE

Some of you may know that I turned 21 on Tuesday, October 15th! I celebrated - in style, of course - in Amsterdam with S, and returned home to a lazy day filled with DVDs and cake, followed by a yummy Indian takeaway with my family on the Wednesday evening. It's been perfect! I will be writing up a post soon about my mini break, and there will be a LOT of photos, so keep your eyes peeled.

Those of you who read my blog religiously (does anybody?! please tell me if you do!) will know that I embarked on a challenge (one of many...) earlier this year; 21 before 21. The challenge is simple: you set yourself 21 tasks to achieve before you turn 21, or 30 before you turn 30, and so on... I set myself this challenge way back on June 8th, meaning that I had 129 days to tick off, at least, a few goals. I've updated each month and now, time is up. So, let's see how I got on...
Green = completed
Red = failed
Health & Beauty
Lose another 20lbs (or reach a weight at which I'm genuinely happy)
erm, yeah, so this didn't happen... I think I maybe gained a pound or two instead, oops!
Stop biting my nails
so this happened... and then didn't... and then did... lets just say it's a work in progress...
Give up smoking
this one was harder than I thought! Any tips are more than welcome!
Get my hair in good condition
literally 834454032 times better thanks to a few hair products which I will be reviewing soon
Reach 50 followers on Bloglovin and 10,000 page views
okay, so I beat my Bloglovin target (thanks guys!) but I'm nowhere near the page views... yet
Attend a Bloggers meet-up or events
despite being invited to several, I've not managed to make any due to anxiety and money issues
Get a proper blog layout
I had this lovely design created for me earlier in the year, but I'm looking for a revamp!
Friends and Family
Arrange my 21st birthday celebrations with friends
*sob story* hardly anyone responded - boo, you guys! - so this didn't happen
Have an amazing time in Amsterdam with S
been there, done that, got that hat
Have enough money saved for a deposit
as mentioned, the whole moving-in-together thang has been put on hold
Read and review one new book each week
yeah, so I managed 5... I'm a busy lady!
Watch and review one new film each week
this one was just too easy
Cook or bake something new each week
I lost track but I'd say I got about halfway there!
Save £600 towards Amsterdam and flat deposit
obviously managed the Amsterdam part but the flat? Not so much
Do not go overdrawn or miss any card payments or bills
don't even talk to me about money... *angry (at myself) face*
Material Matters
Buy a good camera
Treat myself to a Kindle or tablet
Buy or create one item for our new home each week
The Boring Stuff
Pass theory and practical test
well, this is happening... but it just hasn't happened yet!
Find a job that meets my needs, e.g. hours, income, challenging
totes achieved
Pass first module with a minimum overall score of 70%
passed each assignment with an average of 75% #dork

So, as you can see, I achieved 9 1/2 (yeah, I know, does that 1/2 really count? Can't I just round it up?) and failed 10 1/2 of my goals. A bit of a mixed bag, eh? What I've learnt is that I'm pretty good at the easy tasks: buy a camera, watch a film, have a nice holiday... but when it comes to the more challenging goals such as don't go overdrawn, read a book every week and pass my driving test, I've struggled. What does that say about me?
A work in progress.


  1. Happy Birthday Becci!
    Sounds like you had an amazing time :)

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Becci! Glad you had a great time in Amsterdam--one of my favourite cities--and a lazy day with DVDs and cake is awesome.