Friday, 4 July 2014

139. Books // Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband by Natalie Young

The lovely people from Tinder Press recently sent me a copy of Natalie Young's new novel - Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband. The book was published on July 3rd in paperback, and is available for £7.99.
As soon as I saw the front cover of this book, I was drawn to it - it's vibrant and looks very fun and quirky. I'm a super squeamish person and, usually, even the thought of blood and guts makes me nauseous but I managed to get through this book without a single gag or wretch, which is pretty good going.

Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband tells the story of 'ordinary housewife' Lizzie Prain, who finds herself caught up in a not-so-ordinary scenario: she's killed her husband, and now she has to dispose of him. Lizzie loves to cook, in fact she's a real foodie, and she needs to get rid of the body carefully and discreetly, so what should she do? Well, as the title suggests - she is going to eat him. 

Throughout the narrative, we see how Lizzie prepares to consume her husband, how she decides to cook him (it's very imaginative, in parts - with some fantastic recipe ideas... just kidding!) and, through Lizzie's own notes, we see her thought process as she makes her way through his cadaver. 

To be honest, I could barely put the book down once I'd picked it up - it's very dark, as you'd imagine from the title, but it's got some brilliant humour mixed (or should I say - stirred) in, and is seasoned (pahaha) with some quite moving parts too. I found the character of Lizzie very easy to warm to and very life-like too. I loved the mixture of third person narrative and Lizzie's own notes - it added an extra depth, which was fantastic. 
The only thing that I didn't like about the story was that we were introduced to quite a lot of characters who had very little impact on the story line, and at times I was left wondering what the point was in 'X' being involved in the story line, and whether it was some form of foreshadowing. Most of these questions went unanswered.

I managed to read this book in just a few days and I would definitely recommend Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband to anybody whose looking for something a little different. It's available to buy in paperback, or for your Kindle, on Amazon or hardback from Waterstones.


  1. this sounds hilarious! :) very good review Becci, you've made me want to read the book but I'm so bloomin' slow at reading books :( I'm reading one now that I've been reading for over a week & I'm not even half way...I'd say 1/4 of the way through it :/ xxx

    1. Thanks Anna. It's a fab book, I hope you do get a chance to read it too! Everybody reads at different speeds, don't worry about it - I'm a speed reader, but sometimes it means that I forget what's happened/who the characters are as soon as I've put the book down!! I think each type of reading has it's perks & negatives! xoxox