Sunday, 25 January 2015

154. Sunday Summary

Hello lovelies.

Sunday's are a great time for reflecting. For many people - including myself - they're the quietest day of the week where we have the most time to look back over the last seven days and focus on how the week has been as a whole.

This week has been a pretty good one for me. I've maintained a pretty positive mindset all week and, in general, felt alright. I thought it would be fun to focus on a few specific areas of my life too...

100 Day Spending Ban - I embarked on yet another a spending ban at the start of this week and, you guessed it, it's a 100 day spending ban. For those of you who haven't read Monday's post, the spending ban includes any form of shopping (apart from the weekly food shop, of course), snacks on the go and, basically, any unnecessary spending. I think I've done fairly well this week; my only slip ups have been a couple of bottles of pop or juice whilst I've been at work, and some Lemongrass incense sticks as we'd ran out. No nail polish! No lipsticks! No books! It's a miracle. I'm really pleased with how I've done, having only spent about £3 on items that I could have done without. 

Pregnancy - I'm now well into my second trimester at 18 and 1/2 weeks (19 weeks as of next Tuesday) and overall it's been a steady week. I've continued to suffer with backache and some twinges in my lower abdomen (I'm putting them down to growing pains) as well as being a little more tired than usual, but I'm still feeling very positive about the whole thing and so thankful for all the support that I've received so far. 

Healthy Lifestyle - Although I haven't really done any exercise (apart from walking up the killer hill to work), I've enquired about Pregnancy Yoga this week so I'm hoping to start classes in a week or so, and S and I have said we will start swimming together once a week as of next week, so I think that's progress - as long as it actually materialises.

In terms of eating, I've enjoyed some really tasty, nutritious meals such as Quorn bolognese with quinoa instead of spaghetti, porridge with berries for breakfast, jacket potatoes and some tasty salads. As a rule I'd say I've been well behaved during the day but, come night time, the hunger pangs kick in and I crave sugar! I've been keeping track of my intake on MyFitnessPal and I've only gone over my calorie and fat goals once this week. 

Fun - It's been a quiet week on my social calendar as it's coming to the end of the month and money is tight to say the least, but I managed to catch up with a friend mid-week for a tasty lunch and a catch up at Wetherspoons, and on Friday I headed over to my mum and her boyfriends' place for (an early) Burns Night supper of haggis, neeps and tatties with my sister, brother and his girlfriend. It was a really fun night and the food was so, so good. On Saturday night, one of S's brothers and his girlfriend (who is also pregnant, but at 25 weeks!) came over for a night in; we watched trashy TV, ate pizza and munched away on sweets. It was perfect. 

Blogging - On Monday, I shared my 100 Day Spending Ban post (which I mentioned earlier in today's summary), on Wednesday I posted a recipe for one of my favourite comfort foods: Toad in the Hole and Friday's post was all about my Pinterest nursery inspiration

Next week is set to be even bigger, busier and better than this week so I can't wait!

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