Saturday, 18 April 2015

181. Lush Toothy Tabs: An Alternative To Toothpaste?

I'm big on impulse buying. Now, I know that's not something to brag about but, sometimes - just sometimes, it means you stumble across some absolute gems. Things you would never have thought about, things you had no idea you needed (usually because you didn't) and things you've never even heard of. This is why I love it.

I headed into Lush recently when I was at the Metrocentre with a friend and, whilst queuing to pay for a Brightside bubble bar (review coming soon!), I spotted an intriguing display: Toothy Tabs. As this was something I'd never heard of before, I asked the sales assistant who kindly explained exactly what Toothy Tabs were to me. An alternative to toothpaste; environmentally friendly as they use recycled paper boxes (rather than the usual plastic or aluminium which would end up in a landfill) and, as always, cruelty free.
There were several different options to choose from but I went for Sparkle, promising 'gleamingly clean' teeth, which I thought sounded perfect as I'm conscious that my teeth aren't exactly as white as I'd like them to be. (I'm blaming years of drinking diet coke, smoking and having a penchant for curries and tomato-based sauces, which my dentist tells me aren't ideal if you want sparkling, white teeth.)

Now, the idea of using what is, at the end of the day, a weird little tablet to brush your teeth does take some getting used to and it took me a couple of attempts to actually perfect the method. But, once you've figured it out, it's pretty straight forward - you take one tab, put it between your teeth and gently crush it so that it forms a powder, then you just brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as usual. The tabs quickly foam and your mouth is filled with a delicious, refreshing taste that reminds me of the paste that dentists use to clean your teeth. 
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The main ingredients in Sparkle Toothy Tabs are black pepper oil, lemon oil and powder and grapefruit oil. These ingredients combine to create a really pleasant, refreshing and warming flavour and sensation. I've seen a couple of reviews claiming that the peppery taste is far too strong and off-putting but I haven't found this to be the case whatsoever; it goes without saying that I am a chilli and pepper addict, but even so, I think it creates a lovely, warming sensation. 

I have to say that I haven't noticed a difference in the colour of my teeth or their general appearance but I've only been using the Toothy Tabs for a little over a week, so I guess I need to give them a little longer before I judge them on that. However, I do love the taste of them and they leave my teeth feeling incredibly clean and fresh, which is my main aim from a toothpaste or - in this case - 'toothy tab.'
At £2.50 for a 12g box of Toothy Tabs, they are a lot more expensive than regular toothpaste which I usually pick up in the supermarket for about £1, but they're almost an experience in themselves (if you're as sad as I am...) and they really do 'do the job' so I can't complain.

For some, they may be a novelty product and for just £2.50, you can't really go wrong, but if you're keen to find a cruelty free, environmentally friendly alternative to toothpaste, I'd definitely recommend you give Toothy Tabs a go. Check out the full range on the Lush website or find out more about "Why?" you should use Toothy Tabs here.


  1. These sound great! I've always been dubious as to if they'd make my mouth feel minty afterwards but you seem to have told me that in this review! Will be picking up some of these, might use them on my holiday! :)

    1. I'd say these ones aren't particularly minty, so your mouth doesn't feel the same as it would after regular toothpaste, but it definitely feels fresh and clean! I hope you like them - there are lots of different ones to choose from! xxx

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