Sunday, 30 March 2014

102. Lifestyle // Sunday Summary

I'm hoping to introduce a weekly summary to my blog which will be posted each Sunday, providing you with a quick look through what I've been up to. I hope that you'll all enjoy it as I really love to have a nosy at peoples lifestyle posts. So what's my week been like?

I was off work on Monday as I've been quite unwell recently (I did a post about this earlier in the week, which you can find here) and my medication had left my feeling very lightheaded and drowsy, so I had a lazy day at Shane's, mainly consisting of sleep, cuddles and Breaking Bad (we're now into season three and absolutely loving it!) 

On Tuesday, I was back to work and had a super busy day as we were reaching deadline for three different projects. I took a really healthy pasta salad to work with me, as I'm trying to eat healthier due to my recent illness, and I've been using MyFitnessPal to keep track of my intake - it's such a fantastic app and I use it everyday now.

I also had my Nexplanon implant removed on Tuesday as I was nearing the end of my 3 years. I had been dreading the procedure as I've heard some real horror stories (plus I'm extremely squeamish!) but it went smoothly and didn't hurt at all, although it's now quite tender. 

Wednesday was a brilliant day as we beat target on all three of our projects (YAY! *fist pump*) and I also had plans to meet one of my best-friends, Becca, for a drink (non-alcoholic of course, pesky antibiotics!) and to see The Book Thief at our local cinema. We both really enjoyed the film (you can read my review of the book here) and I had such a laugh. My anxiety often prevents me from socialising as much as I'd like to, but whenever I do manage to go out and see friends, I really love it and it spurs me on to do it again. We're planning on a few drinks at a swanky cocktail bar nearby soon. 

On Thursday, I had a last minute look around the shops to choose presents for Mothers Day as my mum was visiting that evening. In the end, I opted for two books from Waterstones (which I'm desperate to borrow once she's finished reading them!), a bar of chocolate, a lovely little bathbomb and some eye-cream. I'm hoping she'll treat herself to a pamper night, using her gifts. We had a lovely catch-up whilst she was home and she's left Grace, our golden retriever who lives with her, for 10 days whilst she has a break in the Cotswolds with her partner, so that's an extra added bonus (apart from now being covered in dog hairs!) My Birchbox also arrived on Thursday which was a nice little treat. I've not tried the products yet but I'm looking forwards to as I got a really good mix. 

Friday was payday AT LAST so I treat myself to getting BioSculpt Gel Nails done at a brilliant local salon as it was on special offer for just £12 (usual price £30) and I'm really impressed with the results. I opted for a dark burgundy shade and I'm hoping it'll last at least a fortnight, and give me a chance to grow my nails out as I have very soft nails, so they normally snap but the BioSculpt makes them so much tougher whilst it's on, that they shouldn't break or tear at all. I also treated myself to a huge box of beauty goodies that I found on my local selling page, for just £20. I can't wait to try them all out and get a few reviews up.

I had a really long lie in on Saturday and, when I eventually surfaced, I had a brief wander down the street as I wasn't feeling particularly good (perhaps because I had a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate finishing my run of antibiotics the night before!). I spent the afternoon blogging, watching crappy television and, in the evening, Shane and I had a cheeky takeaway (I opted for chicken chow mein with crispy seaweed, which I finished off this morning - a treat once in a while can't hurt, righht? Right?! *looks hopeful*) and caught up on Breaking Bad (again).

Today has been spent mainly blogging and chilling with Shane, which has been perfect considering the weather. We nipped down the street briefly and I picked up L'Oreal's Miss Manga mascara and their new Super Liner 'Blackbuster' which I hope to review within the next few weeks. I also managed to finish reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, which is amazing (review coming soon). I'm now looking forwards to tonights #lbloggers chat, some tasty lemon & herb fish for dinner, a long soak and yet another Breaking Bad marathon.

I'm back to work tomorrow but I've got lots of posts planned for next week (and I'm also hoping that my USB cable will arrive so I can get some of my own photographs uploaded) including My Month in Movies, a beauty review, another book review and - of course - another Sunday Summary, so keep your eyes peeled. 

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