Sunday, 23 March 2014

98. Recipes // Honey, Apple, Chai & Oat Muffins

Yesterday, after getting a little sick of being practically bed bound for three days, I decided to try and cheer myself (and my tummy) up by doing one of my favourite activities: baking

Although I'm trying to avoid fatty, processed and oily foods at the moment, I thought I'd try a recipe which involves lots of good stuff (and quite a bit of naughty stuff too) to balance it out, and from that brainwave Honey, Apple, Chai & Oat Muffins were born.

Unfortunately, I can't find my cable for my camera so you'll have to make do with the one photograph that I took on my phone (sorry) for this post. Next time I'll make sure I'm more prepared, so here goes...

300g porridge oats
200g plain flour (I used wholemeal)
200g brown sugar
250ml semi-skimmed (or skimmed) milk
2 medium eggs
3tbsp honey
1 x apple (finely diced)
4 Chai tea bags (rip open and pour the contents into a bowl)
3tbsp baking power
1tsp vanilla extract

1. Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5
2. Mix together the sugar and eggs until well mixed
3. Add the oats and flour and mix until a nice, thick consistency (don't over mix)
4. Add everything else and mix until even
5. Spoon into muffin cases (fill them about 3/4 full)
6. Bake in the oven for between 15-20 minutes
7. Serve warm

As you can see, this is a lovely, simple and quick recipe. These muffins are ideal for a tasty pick me up in the afternoon, or even as a yummy breakfast, served with natural yogurt and fruit (which is exactly what I'm about to do...)

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