Sunday, 1 March 2015

164. Sunday Summary

Hello lovelies.

Can you believe that's another month over and done with? February is finished and March has arrived. This year is going incredibly (and scarily) fast; March marks my seventh month in my 'new job' and just 16 weeks until our baby girl is due to make an appearance. Before we know it it'll be Christmas again!

I'm writing today's post from my lovely new flat, which we moved into on Monday - remind me never to move house again when pregnant, it is a nightmare. As Monday was taken up mainly by packing up the remainder of our previous flats contents, lugging boxes around and putting together flat-pack furniture, I ended up in bed by about 10pm, flat out with horrendous backache. That'll teach me.
Tuesday was a more enjoyable, but equally tiring day, as my Dad and I headed over to IKEA for some retail therapy. I ended up spending a small fortune on some gorgeous new bits and pieces for the flat, before treating myself to a McDonalds and heading home where we continued to put together flat pack, and then relaxed with a couple of episodes of Better Call Saul.
The best day of the week by far was Wednesday when I visited a couple of friends, Carys and Hannah, in Newcastle for a catch up, accompanied by copious amounts of tea and cake, including some delicious brownies from Newcastle's very own The Brownie Bar. Now you know why that was the best day of the week! Even missing two trains on the way home couldn't dampen my spirits.
Me & the gorgeous Carys post delicious gluten free cake

Thursday was spent chilling in the new house and finishing off unpacking our books, DVDs and clothes into the new storage furniture. It wasn't much fun but I'm so pleased it's done as the place really feels like home now.
Lemon Meringue brownie from The Brownie Bar

Friday meant I was back to work but thankfully the day went quickly and smoothly and S and I spent the evening baking sticky toffee pudding, coconut and lime cake and - as always - relaxing. It was Friday night when I felt the baby move the most I've ever felt before too, which was literally breath taking. I think she was turning around as the movements went on for about fifteen minutes and were so strong that I could physically see my stomach move, as well as feel it with my hand. Incredible.
Once work was over on Saturday, S's mum and her boyfriend came over for the night. We were joined by one of S's brothers and his girlfriend too, so we had a few hours of watching tele and walking the dogs before S, his mum, her boyfriend and I settled in for an evening of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, The Jonathan Ross Show and a huge bowl of spaghetti and meatballs each. It was, in my eyes, the perfect way to spend our first Saturday night in the flat.

Today started with a bubble bath, followed by a full English cooked by S, as we all played Rayman on the Xbox (don't ask...). Once they'd left, we began cooking a Sunday dinner for S's dad and grandma, which we all really enjoyed. It's been so nice having people round to visit and see the new place, we're so proud of how we've got it looking in such a short space of time, and it's a much more sociable space for us to enjoy with our family and friends. 

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