Tuesday, 3 March 2015

165. Welcome To Our New Home

Hello lovelies.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or read my Sunday Summary, will know (and no doubt be bored to death by the fact that) I moved into a new flat with my boyfriend last Monday. We'd been living in our old place for six months but, with a baby on the way, we'd realised it was just too small, the location wasn't ideal as it was at the bottom of a killer hill (it takes about 2 minutes but I swear it's like 90 degrees!) which I had to walk up twice a day to work, and the flat was littered with damp. So, yeah, not ideal

After a couple of months of searching, we found a gorgeous terraced, ground floor flat in a more central location and - thankfully! - passed our credit checks and were accepted. The next few weeks were spent frantically packing and cleaning up the flat, as well as swapping over all our bills and informing everyone of our new address (seriously that's the worst bit... who knew you needed to tell so many people/businesses!?). Finally, "Moving Day" arrived and my wonderful mum and dad helped us out immensely by transporting all our belongings to our new flat. 

We've now been in for a week and are feeling so incredibly settled and 'at home', I can truly see us being here for years; it's just perfect for us. I thought I'd share a few quick snaps of the place, just in case any of you are as nosey as I am!
Our living area is pretty open plan with a wide hallway leading from the front door into the living, dining and cooking areas. We managed to pick up a leather sofa bed which - near enough - matched our current sofa and armchair online, as well as this gorgeous dining table from a friend, and a few bits and bobs from the legendary IKEA. I really love the living and dining areas as they feel so cosy and the (working!) open fire adds a touch of history too. 
Our bedroom may as well be renamed as a butterfly sanctuary as I've carried the butterfly theme on from our last flat too. It's a bit weird as I actually really don't like butterflies, or anything that flies in fact, but I think they're so pretty. The bedroom is fairly small and as we have a huge cot to go in, we've not been able to fit much in, but I think it's a nice, relaxing space. The bedspread was from Homebase and everything else came with us from our previous flat.
Although the kitchen remains quite small, it's a vast improvement on our old kitchen which was tiny and only had about three cupboards. We're actually struggling to fill the cupboards now as there are so many! It's a compact enough space to keep clean, but big enough that we can prepare meals for several people, and keep all our appliances within arms reach.
Ignore the jam-packed laundry basket in this photo, please! The bathroom is so spacious and light, it's perfect as - once our baby girl arrives - there is now space for her to sit in her bouncer on the floor whilst I'm in the bath, without any risk of me standing on her (which would definitely have happened in our old flat!). There is also lots of cupboard space which is ideal for my hoard of bath products. 
This is the spare bedroom/nursery-to-be which currently acts as a dressing room for S and I, as we don't currently have space in our bedroom for a chest of drawers or wardrobe. In time, she will have this room as her own so we're planning on moving the wardrobe into our bedroom in place of the cot, and this will give her plenty of room for playing and crawling practice, once she's old enough. I can't wait to decorate the walls with stickers, pictures and get lots of interesting textures and colours incorporated into the room for her.

We also have a small, enclosed yard to the rear of the property but, seriously, how do you get a good photograph of a yard?! Can anybody tell me? We're yet to spruce the place up as the weather has been so dismal that there seems little point in potting plants or investing in a table and chairs, but I can't wait until the summer when we can make the most of it.

So, what do you think of our new place?
Do you have a post sharing some photos of your home? 
If so, let me know in the comments as I'm always looking for interiors inspiration!


  1. Your little home looks beautiful! I love the butterflies! So pretty
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

    1. Thank-you so much, Vicki! Butterfly themed bedrooms are a bit of a trend with me, my last 3 bedrooms have all been the same! There's a really lovely butterfly print on the other wall, but you can't see it in the photo! xxx

  2. Love your new flat! There's nothing nicer then moving somewhere there's just overall better, location, layout, deco etc. Just stumbled across your little blog and love it, congrats on the pregnancy as well :-)
    Sarah hereyoume.wordpress.com

    1. Aww, thank-you Sarah! It's nice to have a new reader, I'll check out your blog too.

      I totally agree, it's great to just move in somewhere and feel happy immediately! xxx

  3. So glad you are settled now! Looks great! :)


    1. Thank-you Danni, you're welcome anytime (as long as you bring cake!) ;-) xxx