Saturday, 21 March 2015

171. Lush: Ultraviolet, Love Lettuce and Shine So Bright

Every once in a while I like to have a little splurge in Lush. Their products are the ultimate pick me up and I feel that using them is an experience in itself. At the start of the month I decided to treat myself to a few new products; the Ultraviolet bubble bar, the Love Lettuce face mask and the Shine So Bright hair balm. Here are my thoughts...
I chose the Ultraviolet bubble bar mainly because of it's funky design, and the fact that it looked a pretty hefty size for the price too! I managed to get a good three bubble baths out of Ultraviolet but I'm sure that, if I'd been a little more cautious, I could have pushed to four or five. The bubble bar dissolved easily and quickly, creating an intense (but lovely) floral aroma that reminded me of Parma Violet sweets. I also underestimated quite how many bubbles it would make, as it totally filled the bath! 
It turned the water a beautiful deep, violet colour and I could smell the scent on my skin for the rest of the night. I'm thoroughly impressed with this lovely bubble bar, which I'd put on a par with the Comforter (the smell isn't as nice, but it creates a lot more bubbles!) and I'm hoping I'll be able to purchase another before the Mothers Day range is discontinued. 
At £4.75 it's not cheap but I feel that the number of baths you can get out of it makes it definitely worth spending that little bit extra. 

Next up, I tried my new favourite Lush product: Love Lettuce. One of my closest friends actually recommended this whilst we were browsing in store a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd give it a go. This is a gorgeous exfoliating face mask which has the most delicious fresh scent and left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft after just ten minutes.
I used the amount shown above and this covered my entire face. A little really does go a long way!

It's a clay based mask, claiming to tighten your pores, and is targeted at normal to oily skin - win for me as I'm certainly prone to an oily t-zone! The mask also contains moisturising honey and soothing lavender. It's a super refreshing scent and feels very cooling on the skin; when I washed it off with warm water after ten minutes my skin wasn't as red as it usually is after exfoliating, and it didn't feel irritated at all. My skin honestly feels clearer already and, for that reason, I'm pretty overwhelmed by this product!
Love Lettuce retails at £6.50 for 75g which, to me, sound like a lot of money but now that I've tried it I'd definitely repurchase. I think you can probably get about ten uses out of it which - when you think about it - is pretty good, working out at just 65p per treatment! It's the perfect mid-week pick-me-up.

As I really wanted to get a mix of products, after purchasing a bath product and a skin care product, I decided to go for some hair care, in the form of Shine So Bright hair balm. I suffer from split ends after years of colouring my hair and avoiding hairdresser appointments in an attempt to achieve luxuriously long locks, so this sounded like a God send.

The balm is full of moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil, Candelila wax, shea butter and olive oil, meaning it adds a lot of moisture to those dry ends. Whilst it can't claim to heal split ends, it does claim that it helps to prevent them and nourish those that you've already developed.
My first impressions were that the tin was tiny. I was honestly quite surprised as I'd expected it to be a lot bigger. However, when I opened it up all I could think about was the smell - its  really gorgeous, sweet aroma and, believe me when I say, it lingers. I used it a day ago and I can still smell it on my fingers (YES, I have washed my hands!) and the ends of my hair.

You only need to apply the tiniest little amount, otherwise I worry that you'd end up with hair that looks greasy rather than moisturised. I scraped some out using my finger tip and then, using my thumb and forefinger, rubbed it into the ends of my hair. Admittedly I didn't see an instant transformation, but a whole day later, my hair looks a lot sleeker and more manageable than usual.

I'll keep persevering with this product to see if it's worth the money as, so far, I haven't really been blown away and for £4.75 for a miniscule 10g, I'm not convinced it's worth the money just yet.

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  1. I just used the Ultraviolet bar last night. I did use half the bar for one bath though... but it was lovely. My hair smells like parma violets! :)