Thursday, 1 May 2014

116. BEDM // What is your blog all about?

For those of you who haven't heard of Blog Everyday in May, it's a blogging challenge created by the wonderful Elizabeth who blogs over at Rosalilium. Why not sign up and take part for yourself? It's a brilliant way to motivate yourself to blog more, a great way to meet new bloggers and be introduced to fantastic blogs and, to be honest, who doesn't love a good challenge?!

Today's topic is: What is your blog all about?

I started my blog back in February 2013 after one of my friends set one up and it lead me to discover the world of blogging which, in turn, inspired me to start my own. I'd always loved writing and blogging seemed like the perfect outlet for my creativity. 

It took me a while to really get into the swing of blogging and find my feet but, after signing up to last years Blog Everyday in May, I started to take my blog a lot more seriously. Several breaks later, my little blog is still here and it's growing everyday. 

I cover a wide range of topics on my blog; from baking recipes to book reviews, sharing my favourite beauty products and what films I've been watching, I also post regular series such as my Health Update's and Sunday Summary's, as well as personal posts, for instance my recent post about anxiety

I love blogging because not only does it mean that I can write and know that, at least a few, people appreciate it but it has also provided me with some wonderful opportunities and introduced me to some lovely people. I also feel that it's a little like an online scrapbook and I can't wait to be able to look back, in the future, and remember what I did, what I enjoyed and how I felt.

Why do you blog?
Will you be signing up to Blog Everyday in May?

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