Friday, 2 May 2014

117. Lifestyle // Health Update No. 2

Today's post will be short & sweet. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to post my health update but I kept putting it off because, to be honest, I've been just about as unhealthy as is humanely possible lately... Alcohol? Tick. Takeaways? Tick. Ciggies? Tick. 

Somehow I've managed to maintain my weight but, in all honesty, I feel like I deserve to have gained. My only redeeming moment was that I went swimming with a work colleague last week, but it was one of the most nerve-wracking, anxiety-filled experiences I've had in recent years.

It had been at least four years since I'd been in a swimming costume in front of anybody. Even though I wore a baggy t-shirt on top of my swimming costume, I still felt overwhelmingly self-conscious and remained in the pool as much as possible, so that nobody would have to could look at me.

It got me to thinking, if I can't be comfortable in a swimming pool, wearing a t-shirt with no more than 6 people around me, how on earth am I going to be able to sunbathe on a beach or relax by the poolside in a bikini, in just five weeks time? It's time to change not only my eating and exercising habits, but my mindset.

I don't want a holiday ruined by negative, niggling thoughts 'she looks so much better than me' 'I bet S is so embarrassed by me in my bikini' etc, etc, you know the drill.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to really work on my self-confidence, through affirmations, learning how to accept a compliment and focusing on the things that I love about myself rather than those that I despise. 

I've also got a few tricks up my sleeve to lose a few pounds and I'll be testing out a couple of new weight loss programs, so I'll be sharing those in my next health update! Wish me luck.

Do you have any tips?
What are your favourite healthy recipes?

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