Wednesday, 28 May 2014

121. Beauty // My Soap & Glory Favourites

Today I'm going to share four of my favourite Soap & Glory products. Soap & Glory are a brand that I've been familiar with for years - I remember buying Sexy Mother Pucker when I was about 13 years old, and thinking it was amazing (I've still not gotten over it!). I recently repurchased a few of their products and they've quickly become absolute essentials.

First up is 'Heel Genuis', which I've blogged about in the past - read more here. It's a lovely, thick, fresh-smelling moisturiser, specifically for feet and it works wonders. For the price it's totally worth it, as mine has only just run out, and I've had it for around six months, using it a few times a week. 

I also love Soap & Glory's 'Hand Food'. For starters, it smells divine - I just want to eat my hands after applying it, possibly why it's called Hand Food?! It soaks into my skin quickly and leaves no horrible sticky residue, but it does leave my hands feeling silky smooth. As I work in an office and spend a lot of time typing, writing and scrolling around on my mouse, the skin on my hands can get quite dry and irritated, but this stuff sorts it out completely. 

Sexy Mother Pucker XL 'Extreme-Plump' is another amazing Soap & Glory product. I love the tingly, buzzing feeling that you get after applying, and it lasts for a while (Shane, on the other hand, is not a big fan! When I kiss him whilst wearing this lip-gloss, he thinks his lips are 'burning' - what a wimp..). The actual lip-gloss itself doesn't last all that long but, to be honest, does lip-gloss ever?! I'm not sure how true the claims are that it makes your lips swell slightly and therefore look more 'plump' but I always feel like my lips look a lot fuller. 

Finally, another beautifully sweet smelling product from Soap & Glory, The Righteous Butter: this stuff is just perfect. It's a lovely, thick, creamy texture and it absorbs quickly too, leaving my skin feeling not only smooth but supple too. I swear by it after shaving my legs, and I've quickly got through half a tub in just a couple of months! It's wonderful to use after Soap & Glory's 'Flake Away' exfoliator. 

Soap & Glory really are a brand worth checking out. Their products not only work, but they smell delicious and their packaging is just so cool, I love the whole retro look! 

Have you tried any of Soap & Glory's products?
Which are your faves?

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