Sunday, 1 June 2014

123. Lifestyle // Tributes

Last week, I lost my Grandad to cancer. It had been a long illness but one that seemed to make very little difference to his quality of life, or how healthy he looked, until the end when things deteriorated rapidly. Faster than I'd ever have imagined. 

Just over a month after I saw my Grandad for the last time, he passed away, peacefully in his sleep, in the same house as he was born, with his wife and two children comforting him. 

The point of this post, however, is not that I have lost someone, but the impact that it has had on my philosophy on life.

Instead of a funeral, my Grandma decided we should hold a Thanksgiving service to celebrate his life, rather than mourn his death. This was held on Friday afternoon, several hours after the burial, and it left me feeling incredibly inspired.

So, why? Well, my Grandad was an amazing man. He traveled the world, he had a long and loving marriage, he built a successful career for himself, he had many passions, he had hundreds of friends from across the globe and he one hundred percent made the most of his life. He loved, respected and cherished life. 

The incredible turnout for his Thanksgiving service and the beautiful words his friends, family and colleagues had to say about him, amazed me. I had known that he was well liked and knew many people, but to hear that he had influenced or enriched so many peoples lives really moved me.

I truly believe that sometimes something tragic has to happen in order for you to discover something more positive. Whether that be a thunderstorm which produces a rainbow, or a death that produces a new lust for life. Something that makes you appreciate what you have, and what you could have if you try hard enough.

This loss has truly inspired me to make the most of my time on Earth, to stop wishing my life away and dreaming of what could have been, and instead making damn sure it happens.

Life is short and it is precious.

I want to be sure that I have helped and loved. 
I want to have experienced things I could never even dream of.
I want to have changed things for the better.
I want to have learnt to love myself, so that I can truly love life. 
I want to have been successful, whether that be through work, love or family. 

Above all, I want to create a life that I am proud of. 

Even if I'm just half as proud of my life, achievements and experiences, as I am of my Grandad's then I know it'll be a worthwhile existence.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss hun, my granddad died quite a long time ago, and he is still very missed. Sounds like our granddads were quite similar, mine was very well liked and respected. He too died of cancer, and his health deteriorated quickly too.

    It's lovely that you are so inspired by his character, and I'm sure he'd be incredibly proud of you for it x

    1. Thank-you lovely, I'm glad it's something that people can relate too, no matter how hard it is it's easier when someones been through it too. Thank-you for your kind words too chick :) xox