Sunday, 22 June 2014

133. Beauty // Bargain Nail Polishes Ft. Barry M & Jess for Poundland

I've been trying for years to stop biting my nails. I've always wanted gorgeous, long, manicured nails to make my stumpy fingers look a little less sausage-like.. However, it's never really happened, and so my nails have always remained relatively short.

Despite the lack of length or nice shape, I really enjoy to paint my nails and my nail polish collection is - without a doubt - the largest of all my make-up products. The most expensive nail polish I've ever bought was OPI's 'Vampsterdam' which set me back around a tenner, but I wasn't overly impressed and time after time, I find myself browsing the Barry M section in Superdrug.

What I love about Barry M's nail polishes is the range. There are so many different polishes to choose from; from their gelly range, to matte, silk, the Aquarium collection, etc. They are all awesome. I find the range of colours to be fantastic, there's something for everyone - whether you're looking for a bright neon to emphasize your tan, or an elegant nude, you can find whatever you need. And do you know the best bit? They're cheap as chips (coming in, generally, at either £1.99 on £2.99 each - although Superdrug often have special offers on!)

I recently picked up one of Barry M's matte polishes, in the shade 'Espresso' which is basically just black, exactly what I wanted. The nail polish is a lovely, thick consistency and although it takes a couple of coats, by the end it looks fantastic. It almost looks like leather, which I think is pretty cool. You can always add a glossy top coat too, but that sort of defeats the object.  
I also popped into my local Poundland the other day and had a look through their own brand collection of nail polishes. The collection is called 'Jess' and is only available in Poundland and - guess what?! - they're only £1 each. Bargain. 

I chose the 'Candy Crush' top coat which is a gorgeous, glitzy mix of glitter and sequins, in various shades of pink, and tried it on over my new matte nails and I can't get over how pretty it looks (even on short, chewed nails, like mine!) It looks almost like an outer-space effect, if you know what I mean?! There's probably a "proper" word for it...
In short (like my nails - pahaha... sorry), I think that this just goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune of fancy nail polishes, when the high-street and even the budget options do such a good job! 

Do you think you would try Poundland's nail polish collection?
What's your favourite bargain nail polish?

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