Tuesday, 3 June 2014

124. Lifestyle // Teapigs Chai Tea

It's a common notion that 'bloggers love tea.' When browsing bloggers Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and their 'About Me' sections, 'tea' is almost guaranteed to pop up at least once. Tea is relaxing, soothing, tasty and comforting, so it's no wonder we're such big fans of it! 

Last week, I left my job as a Telesales Advisor for a local newspaper, after 11 months and my colleagues teamed together and surprised me with a lovely selection of gifts; from bits and pieces for my holiday, to delicious chocolate, a lovely bottle of cava and - of course - tea, one of which was Teapigs Chai Tea.
I'm a huge fan of Chai tea, I've even blogged my own recipe for how to make it yourself! So I was really excited to get brewing and give it a go as I'd only ever tried their Chilli Chai before and, unfortunately, didn't let it brew long enough. Cue sad-face.

My packet of Chai, which retails for £3.99, contained 15 tea temples. Tea temples? Yeah, I know.. I was a bit unsure too, but Teapigs' packaging reassured me that a tea temple "allows maximum room for perfect infusion," making it even better than a standard tea-bag plus they're biodegradable too, woo-hoo!
So far, I'm yet to try this Chai in the form of a latte but I left my Chai to brew for 5 minutes (they recommend at least 3) and then added a dash of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar, to add a little sweetness, and boy, was I impressed?!
The scent was strong but not overpowering; the cinnammon was warming whilst the cardamon and ginger added an extra kick. The flavour was much the same; it wasn't too strong, it was spicy, smooth and just rich enough, making it the perfect tea with just that little bit of vibrancy thrown in for good measure.

If you're a lover of a good cuppa, or like that little bit of spice in your drinks, then I'd really recommend trying Teapigs Chai tea, it's gorgeous and available to buy here


  1. You cannot beat a cup of this in your favourite mug & sat in front of the fire.

  2. Ooh I do love chai and I most certainly do love Teapigs - double win!!
    M x Life Outside London