Friday, 20 June 2014

131. Beauty // Scented Guru Review

One of my very best of friends recently sent me the link to a website I'd never heard of, because she thought their products would be right up my street. She wasn't wrong.

Scented Guru is an awesome bath product company, run by the lovely James who was so, so helpful on Twitter when I was choosing my products and placing my order. Here's what James has to say: "I have always liked soaps and bath bombs because I was always shopping at Lush, but I thought I would like to sell my own soaps and that's when I established in July 2013 my company Scented Guru. My aim is to provide customers with the best possible service and with a hassle-free approach to get your order delivered directly to your door with our peace of mind and fast delivery service. By providing Fresh handmade Low Cost Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Hair Shampoo, Gift Sets and along with much more. Ancient Wisdom produces high quality ethical aromatherapy products and scrumptious bathroom items which are made from high quality ingredients in imaginative ways to produce traditional recipes with contemporary twists. You can smell us from miles away, the sweetest smelling company in the north."

All of Scented Guru's wide array of products are handmade and never tested on animals, which is reassuring, they're also ethically sourced which is another box ticked. Plus, the price is amazing - their products are so affordable and beat the likes of Lush hands down.

I was so excited to see just how many choices there were for the products. There are so many different scents for the bath bombs and soaps, gifts for men and even some really quirky bath/personal hygiene products that I'd never heard of, or even imagined, before!
First up, I decided to pick a bath bomb as I'm definitely a bath-girl, rather than a shower-girl. I love nothing more than a long soak in a bubble bath, so when I spotted the Lemongrass & Mandarin Bath Bomb, I knew it was the one for me. The scent of mandarins, oranges and clementines are one of my absolute favourite scents, and the lemongrass adds a lovely exotic twist. I tried the bath bomb out last week, to refresh myself after the flight home from Portugal, and it was amazing.

The bath bomb fizzed tremendously and there were no little 'bits' floating around in my bath. The scent was delicious and the bath turned a lovely peachy colour. It was just so nice. I'd definitely buy again, I'd love to try the Apple Pie & Custard Bath Bomb. 

Next up, was one of the products I'd never heard of before - paper soap. Intriguing, right? I wasn't really sure what this was, so I thought I'd chuck it in my basket and try it out on a whim. I opted for the Coconut Paper Soap (which I also can't find on the website anymore - but there are loads more to choose from, such as lavender, rose, etc). When they arrived, I thought they were so cool - you get twenty sheets of the soap in a handy little compact, making them ideal for keeping in your handbag or taking on holiday, or even to a festival. They are just little sheets of soap, and the smell of the coconut soap was divine.
You put one on the palm of your hand, add warm warm and then just rub your hands together, as you would if you were washing your hands with 'normal soap' - it works up into a wonderful lather and left my hands feeling really clean and smelling incredible. For just £1.99 for 20 sheets, I'd totally recommend them - they're ideal to carry around with you.

Last up was another intriguing product - one that I've seen Lush produce, but their price tag had always put me off - Shampoo Bars. I went for the Thyme & Mint Shampoo Slice (for Anti-Dandruff) and I've been so pleasantly surprised. They also have different shampoo slices for hair types; from Lavendar & Rosemary for Damaged Hair to Ginger for Faster-Growing Hair. The Shampoo Slices cost just £2.49 each, and I think you'll get loads of washes out of each bar.

I've used this shampoo bar twice now - once without conditioner and once with conditioner - are the results have been great both times. Not a fleck of dandruff (which I'm prone to with some shampoos) and my hair has been looking great. I didn't use conditioner the first time as I wanted to test the product out without adding any other products in which may make it look better or worse. Normally, if I don't condition my hair, it looks brittle and is prone to tangling - but, no word of a lie, my hair was smooth and tangle-free. I'm seriously impressed.
I'm so, so glad that I discovered (with the help of my wonderful friend, Becca) Scented Guru as I couldn't recommend them enough. The products are brilliant quality, the range is fantastic & there are so many products that I can't wait to try out, incredibly low prices, delivery was quick & painless, and James is always there to help on Twitter if you need him. 


Have you ever tried Scented Guru?
Do you think you will?


  1. Ooh I love the sound of this website! I am obsessed with bath stuff having like 3 bath bombs and 2 bars of soap still to use in my bathroom! This sounds right up my street! Will be using that promo code! :D

    1. You should totally check it out, they have some amazing products and so much more affordable than the likes of Lush! xoxox

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