Monday, 2 September 2013

71. Lifestyle // Get Fit in 12 Weeks: Week Two

I - along with Kate at Ruby Duchess - am now officially one week into the Get Fit in 12 Weeks challenge and, to be honest, I think it's going to take me a lot longer than 12 weeks if the past 7 days are anything to go by...
Now, that's not to say that I've been terrible: I haven't. I haven't binged, I haven't eaten loads of chocolate or devoured an entire takeaway in the space of ten minutes; no, I've been okay-ish. 
But okay-ish just isn't good enough.

Although I've done a lot more exercise than usual (despite hurting my ankle with my horrendous squat technique!) and eaten less than normal, I did have a few bad days. During the week I stuck to a pretty healthy diet; porridge or cereal for breakfast, a sandwich with plenty of salad, or pasta with veggies, for lunch but it was when I got home that I found it hard to resist temptation.

On Thursday night, I went out for food and drinks with work and seemed to completely forget that I was trying to eat healthily... 4 glasses of wine, bruschetta and a huge portion of lasagna later... I remembered.

The weekend was also pretty bad! On Saturday I went to Greggs (what was I thinking?!) and ate a ridiculous amount of food. We then went out for drinks in the evening and that ended with a pizza from a pretty dingy takeaway. On Sunday, we treated ourselves to a Sunday dinner, and I also had a little (well, A BIG) bit of chocolate. Oh, and some full fat coke. Oops!

I'm actually quite disappointed with my 'performance' last week, as I was so motivated but just lost track along the way. However, on wards and upwards, as they say! We're now into week two, and that means new challenges!

1. Workout Intensity: start to jog even if it's in intervals; aim to be active for at least 20 minutes, running as much as you can. Or, walk, run or sprint, up the stairs for 20 minutes (including resting). Or, do some sort of exercise or activity that you enjoy and that also burns calories, for 30 minutes! I am going to aim to do some 'intense' exercise for 100 minutes (altogether) this week. 

2. Tone it: the plan suggests press-ups and I've chosen the beginner version as I truly am a beginner when it comes to exercising! I'm aiming for 200 press-ups, in sets of 50 at a time, this week - holding each press-up for 20 seconds. 


3. Cut Down on White Flour: the plan recommends that I cut down on white flour, especially refined varieties such as white bread, pasta, etc, and instead opt for wholemeal pittas, wholemeal pasta or bran-based cereals, as refined wheat turns to sugar really fast which can leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied. White flour also makes me bloat, so giving it up will be a win/win situation really! 

4. Say No to Caffeine: it's suggested at this point in the challenge, that I limit myself to two caffeinated drinks a day. To be honest, I don't drink tea or coffee really so this shouldn't be too difficult. It'll be keeping away from coke (of the fizzy, liquid variety...) that'll be the challenge!

So far today I've done really well, despite going out for lunch with a friend, I've managed to eat quite healthily; having a wholemeal bagel for breakfast, a ham & mango wrap with salad for lunch, only one cup of tea, and sausages (I know that's not great but, hey! I'm allowed one treat a day, right?) with potatoes and vegetables, for dinner. I've also done a fair bit of walking around and I'm going to do my press-up's once I've finished blogging for the night!

I can't wait to do my next update a week today: fingers crossed it'll be more positive than this weeks update!

Lots of Love,

Becci xo

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