Wednesday, 11 September 2013

77. Lifestyle // The Ladyboys of Bangkok

Hello lovelies!
I was privileged enough to receive two free tickets to go and watch a performance of the Ladyboys of Bangkok in Newcastle this week! Yup, you heard that right: the Ladboys of Bangkok. Now, if you haven't heard of the Ladyboys of Bangkok, a) where have you been?! b) you are missing out.
After, obviously, snapping up the chance to go and see such a world renowned show, my sister and I set off for the big city of Newcastle. I went directly from work - meaning changing my shoes, doing my make-up and eating my tea on the train! Stay classy, ladies! - and arrived in 'the toon' just after 6 o'clock.
It was icy cold and as me and my sister stumbled (we were wearing heels, 'nuff said) along to the specially made Pavilion at Times Square, our excitement rose! There were big groups of girls waiting outside the entrance and the atmosphere was great. We could hear music coming from inside the Pavilion and there was even a bouncer at the door. *how posh*
After collecting our tickets, we made our way into the Pavilion, past the bouncer (who was actually just there to check tickets, oh, and take photos of us posing....) and we were shown to our seats by a rather 'fit' (as quoted by my sister) waiter? steward? who knows what you call them.
We each picked up a drink (£4.60 for a rose & lemonade, *heart attack*) and were sat at a table with four other people, each armed with their cameras, of course. I took my trusty (new) Canon PowerShot with 60x zoom (I was hoping to catch a glimpse of something naughty). 
The Pavilion looked incredible. There were about thirty round tables, each seating six people, and the room was dimly lit but had a pink tinge to it, which was very cool. We were almost directly in front of the stage which was also very cool (but also very scary later on...) and everyone seemed to be having a great time. It turned out the atmosphere inside was a million times more electric than it was outside.
And then it began. Oh my God.

The ladies/boys/ladyboys looked beautiful. Seriously, beautiful. They wore the most incredible (and very sparkly!) outfits and sang *cough* mimed *cough* along to some brilliant songs; ranging from Girls Aloud and Gangnam Style to Tom Jones and Nicki Minaj, there was something for everyone!

The entire way through me and my sister kept looking at each and mouthing "oh my God, she's so pretty!" or "I wish I looked like her" down to the less classy "she's got a lovely bum" and "I can't believe every single person on stage has a willy..."
Honestly, they say 'you won't believe it until you see it' and that is so true. When I told my friends, colleagues and boyfriend about it they said 'you'll be able to tell it's just a man in a dress' but when I showed them the photos they were gobsmacked (great word, by the way). The amount of work these girls put in to look like, well, girls, is unreal. I read that they have hip and buttocks implants as well as the more obvious breast implants! That's total dedication, and it pays off. Some of the girls were simply stunning.

The show was also hilarious. There were some brilliant renditions and adaptations of some famous songs, including a quite emotional 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra, and a laugh-out-loud song about 50 Shades of Grey. Seriously, I've still got it stuck in my head...
As well as the incredible entertainment, there were also a variety of drinks and even home-cooked Thai food (I know! *drools*) on offer. However, because of the price of the drinks(!) I decided to avoid the food, in the worry that it would cause me to go overdrawn! There was also a gorgeous outside lounge for us dirty smokers to relax (and inhale toxins) in, which had been decorated especially for the events.

There was also lots of audience participation which made the night even better as it's always great to get involved; whether it was going up on stage for a bit of a snog, doing the conga around the pavilion or just singing and clapping along to the music! 
The event ended at around 8.30pm meaning it was just over an hour and a half long (taking out the breaks) and, if I'd have paid, I think it would be worth every penny! I've already been recommending it to people at work and friends. If you have the chance - GO!

Lots of Love,
Becci xo

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