Sunday, 29 September 2013

82. Health // Time To Get Serious

You may have noticed that I slipped off the radar somewhat with the Get Fit in 12 Weeks challenge. It just wasn't right for me. I did try - a bit - but then, as usual, I got bored and gave up and ate chocolate and pizza instead...

Two weeks later, I feel revolting. My clothes feel the tightest they have all year, my stomach feels bloated and swollen and my skin, hair and nails are in dire condition. The only thing that has changed recently is my eating, it's gone from bad... to worse. I'm putting the blame for all the physical side effects on my atrocious diet and (non-existent) exercise regime. Time to get serious, and sort this sh*t out.

I'm going to be completley honest this time. I weigh around 200lbs. Bare in mind that I'm only 5' 4" and we're looking at a lot of excess weight here. My ideal weight would be around 130lbs; the last time that I weighed under 140lbs was when I was 14. When I met S, I was around 155lbs and I was happy with my weight, shape and size. I'd love to get back there... So, I'm aiming for a goal weight of 154lbs (11 stone) - I know this may sound like a lot to many people, and to be honest I would still be classed as overweight, but I can't imagine myself every being slimmer than that.

For one, I have big boobs and big hips, they aren't going to just disappear. In the words of Bridget Jones, I will "always be just a little bit fat" but I'm fine with that. 

So how can I lose around 50lbs/3 1/2 stone? And how quickly?!

For me, it's not about how quickly I can lose the weight, it's about actually losing it. If it takes 6 months, GREAT! If it takes a year, NO WORRIES! If it takes longer? WHO CARES! I'll be heading in the right direction. I have patience.

I researched into juice and shake diets but I don't think they're for me; I love food, nothing will ever stop that, and there is no way I could live off shakes and smoothies (unless they contain biscuits, pasta or ice-cream). I've also thought long and hard about joining Slimming World and, to be honest, I think I'm going to go for it! I'm going to try a month of doing this by myself and then I'll see whether I could do with the extra support, advice and sense of community. 

I won't be making any drastic changes to my diet: nothing is banned, I'm not going to be gyming it four times a week, I'll not be living off celery sticks and ice cubes, no, I'll do it sensibly.

I'm planning on having a poached eggs on a bed of salad, followed by a small bowl of porridge (with added cocoa powder... well, I've got to have one treat!) for breakfast before work. A chicken, tuna or ham salad and a smoothie for lunch, veggie sticks with dip as a snack in the afternoon when I hit the 3 o'clock slump(!) and then a hearty, but balanced, meal in the evening, with fruit and yoghurt if I get peckish before bed. 

I'm aiming for around 1,600 calories per day which should allow me to lose about 1.5lbs per week without exercise, or 2-3lbs if I exercise several times a week. I think this is a reasonable expectation: 2lbs would be amazing, 1.5lbs would also be great.

In terms of exercise, I will try to up to anti a bit, but I'm making no promises. I'm no gym bunny, I hate exercise. It makes my boobs hurt, my back ache and my head feel like it's going to explode! I'm hoping to find something that will gradually increase my fitness; such as pilates, yoga and brisk walking, and do around 2 hours of exercise per week, to help with toning. 

Although, as mentioned above, I'm not fussed about how long it takes me to shift this flab, it would be incredible if I could reach by goal weight by July 2014. That's when S and I are planning on a holiday abroad so it would be fantastic to be able to walk around in a bikini (I haven't even worn a swimming costume in public since I was about 14) and not give a sh*t about my wobbly bits. 

Anyway, this has been another rambly post (i'm rather good at those, aren't I?!) so I'll round it up. 

I'm kick starting this diet healthy lifestyle tomorrow, in time with Stoptober (in which I'm trying to kick the ciggies!), and also my Spending Ban (which I will be posting about on Tuesday!)! So October is going to be a tough month but I've got lots to look forwards to also. I'll be updating you all along the way with my journey and I'll be throwing in a few healthy recipes here and there too!


  1. I'm going to be losing weight in October, too. I'm doing a detox in the first week--why oh why did I sign up for that when I'm baking cakes for a coffee morning?--and then low-carbing (paleo). I previously lost 3.5 stone doing paleo, and if I find my groove again I can get the rest of the weight off...

    Good luck to you, too! xx

    1. Oh wow, 3 1/2 stone?! That's incredible. I'm going to go low-carb too, or at least cut down on refined carbs, and try and stick to wholemeal bread, etc! What do you do for your detox? xxx

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  3. I'm in the same boat as you, I weight about the same and also the same height so I know we're your coming from. I had a great first month of loosing weight, then hormones and getting ill really threw me off course and I gave up the exercise, so I haven't helped myself and now the overall thrill and excitement of getting fit has died down a little it's hard to find the motivation.

    Cutting down on sugar and watching what i'm eating has certainly helped. I use a lot of youtube work out videos (blogilates being my fav).

    Good luck!

    1. Oh it's so nice to hear from someone whose starting off from the same place (well, weight!). I really hope you manage to get back on track ~ I'm always here to chat if you ever need to :) Best of luck! xxx