Monday, 8 July 2013

47. Lifestyle // 21 before 21 Update #1

A month ago I set myself a list of goals that I wanted to achieve by my 21st birthday (99 days to go!) and promised that I'd update once a month so that I - and anybody else who is interested - could monitor my progress. So, here goes, how have I been getting on?

Green = achieved
Orange = in progress
Red = not quite yet...

Health & Beauty
Lose another 20lbs (or reach a weight at which I'm genuinely happy) - erm, no.
Stop biting my nails – haven’t bitten them for 10 days! *proud*
Give up smoking
Get my hair in good condition (no more split-ends or hairs falling out all the time!)

Reach 50 followers on Bloglovin & 10,000 page views - this started off as 'reach 100 followers' but I don't think that will happen by October as I'm such a new and unestablished blogger so I've changed my goal to 50 followers. I'm currently around the 20 mark and just over 2,000 views, so I'm happy.
Attend a Bloggers meet-up or event - I've not managed to get to any of the events I've been invited to yet, but hopefully soon!
Get a proper blog layout

Friends & Family
Arrange my 21st birthday celebrations with friends - I'm planning on a cocktail night with all my favourite girls once I'm moved into the new place!
Have an amazing time in Amsterdam with S - so far we've booked the hotel and saved up some spendies too! Roll on October 12th! 
Have enough money saved for a deposit - we're getting there, but it's looking like we'll JUST get there by my birthday...

Read and review one new book each week (1/19)
The Boy in The River (9/10) - unfortunately, due to lack of time, I've not managed to read 4 books but I'm halfway through two books at the moment and now that the weather is better I can sit and read in the garden, so perhaps that'll spur me on!
Watch and review one new film each week (4/19)
Blood Diamond (6/10), Wreck it Ralph (8/10), World War Z (7/10), This is 40 (7/10)
Cook or bake something new each week (1/19)
Chai & Banana Cake - again, I'm not quite up to date on this one either... oops!

Save £600 towards Amsterdam & flat deposit - as I mentioned before, this is a work in progress!
Do not go overdrawn or miss any card payments or bills - so far, so good!

Material Matters
Buy a good camera
Treat myself to a Kindle Fire HD
Buy or create one item each week for our new home (1/19) – only got one new item so far, I'll do a little haul post once I've got a few more bits and pieces!

The Boring Stuff
Pass theory and practical driving test - finally got round to booking in some more driving lessons, hoping to book my test next month!
Find a job that meets my needs, e.g. hours, income, challenging - YES! FINALLY!
Pass first module (The Arts: Past and Present) with a minimum overall score of 70% - currently on 75% overall!

Apologies for the hideous colours but I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love
Becci xo

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