Monday, 22 July 2013

50. Reading // Oh Dear Silvia by Dawn French

Last week I read: Oh Dear Silvia, by Dawn French.

Dawn French's third literary offering is the wonderful 'Oh Dear Silvia,' which is a sharp, dark, hilarious novel. It took me about a week to finish this book, and it only took that long as I didn't have much time to really sit down and enjoy reading a book, not because it wasn't good (because it was).

The novel is written in an interesting third-person perspective as the main character, Silvia, is in a coma. Each chapter is an insight into one of Silvia's relatives, friend or lover, and I found it to be a brilliant way of 'getting to know' the character. Throughout the novel, we meet Silvia's ex-husband, children, sister, father, nurse, lover and the person who put her in the coma. 

It tells the story of bright, bubbly Silvia who is - now, somehow - cold, quiet and in a coma. We find out what led up to the coma, what has happened as a result and, in the end, why Silvia is in a coma? Along the way there are some hilarious little stories and some seriously funny, and very believable, characters who help the story to progress without it feeling jilted or predictable. 

Despite the quite dark surroundings and themes, the story is brilliantly funny and I absolutely loved reading it. It's interesting to get into the characters mind, to feel what they feel and to see how they react to Silvia's situation.

I must admit I did shed a tear but, at the same time, I laughed out loud on several occasions, so for me it's a winner. If a book can provoke emotions that are real enough to make you laugh or cry, then that book is a good book.

Have you ever read any of Dawn's French's books?
How about her autobiography?

Lots of love,
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