Thursday, 25 July 2013

52. Confessions

Two posts in one day?! I know, two posts in one WEEK would be good for me... My weekend plans have just changed and I won't be able to blog again for a few days so I thought I'd pop a quick post up again tonight instead and then shamelessly plug it all weekend on Twitter.

This post isn't going to be my usual recipe/review/lifestyle kinda "thang" but instead its going to be a little more personal. There are just a few things I feel that I need to get off my chest.

1. There will be no more health /weight loss posts for the time being.

This isn't to say that I won't still be making a conscious effort to live and eat healthier, it just means that I won't feel the pressure to admit when I've eaten a huge bar of Dairy Milk or scoffed a takeaway on a Friday night. I love sharing experiences and journeys with you all but I'm starting to think that maybe this is more of a personal journey that I need to make, rather than a public one. Please don't take this as me being sly about other people who do this because I'm not, AT ALL. I enjoy reading other peoples weight loss updates as they spur me on and also remind me that other people struggle with their weight too.

2. I'm no longer going to stress myself out about my blog.

I started blogging as a hobby and an outlet. A diary but one that I could share with other people with similar interests. However I feel like I've fallen into the blogger trap of convincing myself that I need to write something, no matter how obscure or halfhearted, just so that people don't 'forget about me.' From now on I'll blog when there's something I really want to share; whether its a great book I've been reading, a recipe I love, a product I've been testing or just what I've been up to, but on days when I have nothing to say or no energy to blog, I simply won't. I'll let my creative juices build up until I have something interesting to write!

3. I'm going to be 'me'.

Even with all my faults and bad habits. I love seeing peoples personalities shine through in their blogs but I don't feel like I've really nailed this yet. Maybe I'm trying to fit into the stereotype of a lifestyle blogger, or maybe I'm just a little nervous of being myself in case people don't like it? Either way, it stops here. I'm going to talk about my anxiety, my loves and my hates, and my life. No holds barred. If people don't like it/aren't interested, don't read it. Simple.

I hope this post hasn't come across as aggressive or rude, it's not meant to be. It's meant to be the total opposite, this is where my blog actually becomes MY blog; for me and for whichever other lovely people choose to read it.

Lots of love,
Becci xo


  1. This is a great post, I can really relate to it - I've been stressing myself out about how many times a week I should be posting, what types of things people will be interested in reading, etc. I feel like I started my blog as a hobby, but I feel pressurised to keep it up now !
    I really like the idea of just waiting until you feel like writing, or until you have something interesting to write about. This post helped me out a lot !

    Much love, Sarah.x
    The Beauty Revolution.

    1. Thanks Sarah, it's nice to know I'm not the only blogger who feels like this occasionally! Good luck with your blog honey and don't let the pressure get to you x x x