Thursday, 1 August 2013

55. Lifestyle // Bedroom Wishlist

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all having a good week so far. If not, have faith - it's almost the weekend! I've been having a really good week; I've been getting stuck in with work and I feel like I'm really finding my feet. It's keeping me busy though and tiring me out, which explains the lack of recent updates. I really do apologies for being so rubbish with blogging for the last month or so, but whenever I get the chance, I do try to write. 

Tonight's post is a wishlist. I love wishlists. Mainly because I love shopping! This time my wishlist is a bedroom wishlist. Anybody who follows my ramblings on Twitter will be aware that I'm saving up to move out and a relaxing, sensual bedroom is exactly what I'll need, so here's what I think would make my bedroom perfect...

Ever since seeing these gorgeous Our Story posters from PaperThemes on the lovely Ella's blog, I've been desperate to get one! At only £25 (plus the price of a frame) they really are a steal and they're so unique. I love the idea of having something completely personalised in my home and I think that it'd be a real talking point. I'm definitely going to be purchasing one as soon as we've secured a new home.

I spotted this mirror this evening on the Argos website and I love it. I've been looking for a statement mirror for quite a while as I'm hoping to get a dressing table when we move out, and I think this would look beautiful above it, especially with some fairy lights around it too! For only £59.99, I think it's a bargain as it'd last for year. 

Purple, to me, is the ideal colour for a bedroom. It's sensual, rich and luxurious. Exactly like this gorgeous duvet set! At £65, it's very expensive (but what do you expect from Debenhams?) but it just looks so beautiful and silky! It's a total indulgence but, considering the amount of time I spend in bed, it'd be a good investment.

This coconut and lime diffuser is ideal for me. Coconut is one of my absolute favourite scents, and mixed with the lime, I think there'd be a really nice Thai infusion. Although maybe that isn't a good idea as I'd constantly be craving Thai curry... At only £12.99, it's worth it! You can find it on the Yankee candle website.

So, those are my four wishlist items for my bedroom... Some cheeky little treats and then some big splurges! If money wasn't an object, I'd snap each and every one of these items up without a second thought but I suppose I'd better get saving...

Do you like any of these products?
What would your dream bedroom look like?

Lots of Love,
Becci xo

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