Saturday, 24 August 2013

65. Beauty // My Skincare Routine Pt. 2

Now, I'm no beauty blogger or skincare buff (and you're all going to find this out in a few lines time...) but even I am a teensy little bit ashamed of the skincare routine I've picked up when staying at my boyfriends. Although there are a couple of good products, it's just not. very. good. 

The main problem is that when I stay with Shane, I can't be bothered arsing about spending a good half an hour cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, etc, etc, etc... *Yawn* It's just not realistic after a long day at work when all you want to do is get into bed, snuggle up and sleep.

So here it is. My no-holds-barred skincare routine: part two.

Look at the wipes! So many wipes! Apparently this is the ultimate skin-sin, although I'm not really sure why? *I love face wipes* As mentioned in the my skincare routine part one, I'm not prone to massive outbreaks of spots or a super-shiny face. I have slightly oily skin, around my nose and forehead in particular, and one or two spots on my chin, as well as very red cheeks. I've used face wipes for years as they're so handy, cheap, easy and effective and they've never really affected my skin negatively, honestly, so I don't really understand why everyone hates them so much? I feel sorry for skin wipes; beauty bloggers are using them as a scapegoat.

Anyway, so once I've used my Witch cleansing & toning wipes to remove the majority of my foundation, I then use Simple's Kind to Eyes make-up remover pads which - to be honest - I'm not a massive fan of. Compared to the eye make-up remover that I use when I'm at home, they're pretty naff. You have to rub quite hard to get mascara off and, occasionally, I even lose one or two eye lashes in the process which is never good.

I then use Amie's Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash is actually brilliant; it's soap and oil free and has a really lovely texture, including vitamin E bursting beads. I've had this product for months and it's still going strong. The only downside is that the smell isn't particularly pleasant ~ I can't quite put my finger on it, but considering it contains green apple, lemon and blueberry extracts you'd expect it to smell a bit better. 

The second Witch product that features in this skincare routine is a total wonder product. I've been a fan of Witch's blemish stick for years now, having discovered it when I was about 14-years-old. Again, it's an oil free product which is ideal for me and it's so handy; you can carry it around with you wherever you go, it's discrete and it lasts for ages. Although I'm not really sure how hygienic it is, as I always use my finger to apply it, maybe I should use a brush instead? If anybody knows, let me know.

So, the my skincare routine part two, takes no longer than ten minutes from start to end and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and - as I haven't spent a ruddy fortune on products to achieve it - bloody happy too! However, my skin does still suffer from the odd spot or two and patches of oily skin, so I know my routine could do with some improvement... Feel free to share your skincare tips below.

(PS. I was just kidding about the face-wipes, before I get a barrage of abuse!! I do appreciate that they aren't very good for your skin but c'mon, you've got to be lazy sometimes!)

Lots of Love,
Becci xo


  1. I really want to try the Amie daily wash, I've heard some really good things about it. I love the Witch blemish stick, I've used it for so long and think it's the only thing that really works for me xx

    1. Thanks for your comments! The Amie face wash is good, and not expensive either ~ give it a go! :-) Xxx