Friday, 16 August 2013

63. Lifestyle // Recently...

I thought I'd do a little lifestyle update as it's been a while (well, probably not that long really...) since I last did one, and it's a nice change from product reviews and recipe posts. Plus, it means that (if you're interested) you can get to know me a little better! So recently I've been...

...Reading: Backstory by David Mitchell
I'm not usually a big fan of autobiography's but David Mitchell (from Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look, Would I Lie To You, etc, etc) is an exception I'm willing to make. Peep Show is my favourite programme, so I wanted to get to know a little more about Mark David's true personality. I'm absolutely loving this book so far and I've laughed out loud (much to my colleague's wonder, whilst I'm sat at my desk on my lunch-break, sniggering at a book) quite a few times. If you like David Mitchell you'll love this book.

...Watching: Dexter
Anybody who follows me on Twitter is probably sick to death of all my Dexter related tweets and hash-tags! I'm not usually into following TV series, especially not American ones as I find them so far-fetched a lot of the time, but Shane and I recently started watching Dexter and we're hooked. We're only just nearing the end of Series One so there's still a long way to go! NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

...Eating: A LOT
From my most recent recipes post, it's clear to see that I'm not exactly the cleanest of eaters. Oreo Cheesecake anybody? or how about Peanut Butter brownies?! *yum* Yesterday I baked some cranberry flapjacks which were also so tasty! I'll try and kid myself that their healthy... because of like the oats and frnuit, and stuff? (ignore the syrup, sugar and butter!)
...Spending: No money on beauty products or clothes! (but lots on food...)
I recently blogged about my self-imposed spending ban after I was inspired by lots of other bloggers doing the same thing! So far, so good. I'm only about a week in but I've bought no make-up, no bath products, no clothes, shoes or accessories! I'm planning on sticking to this spending ban right through until October so wish me luck.
In amongst what I've been eating, watching, spending and reading, I've also been working everyday, seeing Shane (but only if he promises to let me watch Dexter... just kidding!) and catching up with friends now that they're back from university.

I'm off to a barbeque and a gig tonight (hence the flapjacks - they're supposed to be a present - if I don't eat them all beforehand!) and then a wedding tomorrow, so I'll be doing an OOTD/OOTN post very soon. My first one ever *nervous* eek!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about what I've been up to lately.
What have you been up to?

Lots of Love,
Becci xo


  1. Dexter is awesome - you'll really enjoy it. Season 4 is my absolute favourite.

    1. I'm loving it so far! Ooh, I think we're going to work through season 2 tonight... I'll let you know what I think of season 4 when we get there :)