Tuesday, 27 August 2013

67. Lifestyle // Spending Ban Update

I am now 18 days into my Spending Ban, can you believe it?! It's been tough - really tough - and there have been moments of weakness, temptation and a few slip-ups along the way. But overall, I'm pretty happy with how I've done.
First of all, here are my 'rules' on what I can and can't spend money on...

What am I allowed to spend money on?
~ Bills
~ Travel
~ Cigarettes (within reason)
~ Socialising
~ Gym
~ Basic toiletries, e.g. deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, razors
~ Make-up/clothes when I've ran out, e.g. foundation, tights
~ Ingredients for baking/cooking
What am I not allowed to spend money on?
~ Clothes
~ Make-up / beauty products
~ Magazines
~ Unnecessary snacks / takeaways
~ Books and DVDs

So, what have I bought? Well, the day after I started the Spending Ban I set off to work in a dress, a cardigan and some pumps... within minutes there was torrential rain! I had to run into Marks and Spencer's and pick up an umbrella which left me £8.50 worse off... Now, I've been contemplating whether this is a cheat or not?! I mean; an umbrella isn't clothes, but is it an accessory  It was raining so I did need to keep dry, but could I have just held my bag over my head and saved some money? Oh, who knows! Either way: I bought something.

A few days later, I also bought two magazines and LOADS of snacks! Dammit  Snacks is something that I've found it impossible to resist... Although I have spent a lot less than I usually would, I've still probably spent about £15 each week on lunches, treats for the night time, bottles of pop, etc... so not great! But - as I always say - I'll do better next week ;-)

In terms of clothes and make-up, I've not bought a thing. Honestly. Not a single thing! No knickers, no foundation, no tops, not even any tights?! (Oops, I did buy some dry shampoo actually... but it was only 60p!) I am, however, running incredibly low on primer and so a sneaky purchase will need to be made within the coming weeks, although I did state in my rules that I can buy something when it runs out and I really do need it.

I've really enjoyed the Spending Ban so far; I've spent an awful lot less money than I normally would have done and I've realised that I really don't need to buy a new lip-gloss or nail polish or top every time I pop down the street. I've got enough clothes and - on the whole - enough make-up to keep me going for a while, so I honestly think that I can make it until October! 

Wish me luck!

Lots of Love,
Becci xo


  1. Whooo, keep up the hard work! I've been stretching my pennies as long as it takes me until I finally get to start my new job and have a steady paycheck coming in. Until then, up til today, I've only purchased Starbucks coffee for school (which is still a bad habit) but today I only spent $30 on my uniform for work. It's hard at first but I think eventually you'll get into the habit of saving and realizing that you can live without reading months of magazines :P Good luck and keep us posted!

    1. That's really good!! $30 on clothes is amazing too, I could easily spend so, so much more - you should be really proud. Xxx