Sunday, 26 May 2013

25. Lifestyle // January to June

Happy Sunday everybody, I hope the bank holiday weekend is being good to you.

Although I've already blogged today, I felt like doing something a little bit different. I've been reading through my favourite blogs this weekend and one thing that I've loved is finding update posts, especially what people have been up to and what their year has been like so far, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.


January was a cold, quiet month. It snowed a lot and it was absolutely beautiful where I live. I used  this as a perfect opportunity to get back into photography and take some photographs. I didn't work much in January and I also didn't do much of any interest. Having said that, January was when I began to really think about what I was eating and, in that one month, I lost 13.2lbs!


It's safe to say that February was a much more productive month. I began my BA (Hons) History degree with the Open University, saw much more of my friends and continued with the weight-loss (a further 10lbs). I submitted my first university level assignment for which I got a score of 68%. I had a make-up tutorial at Benefit and had some gorgeous lash inserts put in for weekend drinks with S. I had an interview at a local school and although I didn't get the job, I was shortlisted to the final two which was a brilliant feeling. S and I celebrated our third Valentine's day together with a delicious homemade meal of chicken in a tarragon, cream and white wine sauce followed by chocolate orange cheesecake. We also went out for a couple of lovely meals in February and cooked our own Thai curry.


March started off excellently; S got a new job, I went to a great gig with one of my best-friends and caught up with a few friends that I'd not seen for a while. I also started my work experience at a local school, helping out in the humanities department (I really want to be a teacher, that's why I did it). For the latter part of the month, I worked every shift I could get my hands on at work. The weather even picked up so I was able to take some nice photos.


Once again, April was a busy month. I took part in a fab fundraiser night organised by one of my best-friends, in aid of Because I'm a Girl, and we raised well over £100 between us. S and I also started seriously discussing moving in together this month and started looking at flats. My Grandparents visited and introduced me to an Italian girl called Ilaria who had just graduated from university in Northern Italy; she was lovely and we've remained in contact via email - I would love to go and visit her sometime. I also had some bad news in April; I found out that the cafe, which I'd worked at for two years, was closing down with immediate effect. I was really upset as I loved my job there and my colleagues and the customers too. I quickly found a job working in another cafe. This was also the month that I had 8" cut off my hair, and re-gained about 5lbs. But on the plus side, I got back into blogging!


So far, May has been quite a difficult month. I have continued to re-gain the weight that I'd lost; I have now lost 19lbs compared to the 25lbs I had lost at the start of March. I also quit my new job as the management was awful, pay was horrendous and I didn't enjoy it at all. I was so proud of myself for quitting but it's caused a lot of financial worry, so I don't feel quite so good about it now. We, as a family, celebrated my sisters 13th birthday and my brothers 23rd birthday. I baked muffins for both occasions, of course. I worked a lot this month and also had the opportunity to catch up with one of my best-friends who is studying in Scotland. We had a lovely few hours together in the sunshine and it was a brill surprise. I also decided to take part in Blog Everyday in May, which is a challenge set up by Rosalilium. I spent this bank holiday weekend relaxing in the sunshine, tidying up the garden with S and drinking copious amounts of cider. 

The rest of the year brings with it many more opportunities!

We're heading to Amsterdam for 3 days in October to celebrate my 21st birthday
We're *potentially* getting a new pup!
We've started saving for our very own flat
Attending my lovely cousins wedding, in Yorkshire, in August
I finish my first degree module in September
Looking for a fulfilling and interesting job
Getting back into healthy eating
Continuing with my blog, meeting new people & writing a lot more

I have a lot of new ideas for posts, once Blog Everyday in May is over. Ranging from make-up reviews, to travel posts, recipes, craft ideas and mental health awareness. 

I'm really excited.
Is there anything you'd like me to write about?

Becci xox

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