Friday, 31 May 2013

29. BEDM // One Whole Month

Hi lovelies, it's the WEEKEND! 

It's also the last day of Rosalilium's Blog Everyday in May challenge, which is a shame as I've really enjoyed taking part and getting back into blogging. Today we're asked to consider how we've found the challenge, what we've enjoyed, what we haven't enjoyed and whether we've learnt anything.

I've really, really enjoyed this challenge. I'd been trying to get back into blogging for a while, as I'm addicted to reading other peoples blogs and checking out make-up reviews, getting recipe ideas and picking up little tips (or just having a nosy at other peoples lives!) but wasn't sure what type of blog I should be running.

So, that's why I chose to take part. I wanted to find my niche. I thought it'd be interesting to write about a variety of topics, get into a routine of regular blogging and decide whether it's really for me or not. And I feel like it really is.

Writing is a big passion of mine, it always has been. I've always dreamt of being a journalist or writing novels and I see blogging as great practice for this and, also, it's good fun too. So this challenge gave me the opportunity to write everyday and get back into the habit of putting my thoughts and my ideas into words which people can enjoy reading.

I've also loved meeting new people as part of this challenge and finding new blogs which have quickly become favourites of mine! It's such a nice feeling when you find someone else who has blogged something very similar on the same topic; it's like an instant connection.

The variety of topics has also been interesting and, at times, challenging (I guess that's probably why it's called a challenge...)! Sometimes I've really struggled and ended up going slightly off topic but I don't think that matters. I don't think that's the 'point' of the challenge however so it hasn't really phased me. I appreciate that some of my posts have been much better (and much better received also) than others and, if anything, it's taught me what I'm good at writing about, what really inspires me and, on the other hand, what doesn't appeal to me.

I'm hoping to continue to blog regularly, perhaps 2-3 times a week about a variety of topics. I think lifestyle blogging is probably the best route for me! I have a big interest in beauty and fashion, but I'm not a fashionista and I'm no expert on make-up, so I think that lifestyle is the most accessible option for me.

I'll incorporate recipes, photography, some product reviews, updates on my life & lots of other little bits and bobs along the way. Basically, I'm going to blog about whatever takes my fancy and - hopefully - you'll all enjoy reading about it, and if not - you see that little 'x' in the corner? Click it.

I hope everybody else who took part in the challenge really enjoyed it and, fingers crossed, someone will arrange another challenge at some point!

Lots of love,
Becci xox


  1. Yey! I'm so happy that the challenge worked for you and is spurring you on to keep blogging.
    This is such an honest post, thank you!
    Good luck with the blogging!

    1. Thank YOU for coming up with the challenge in the first place, it's been a really fun experience! I hope you enjoyed it too! Xx