Thursday, 9 May 2013

10. BEDM // My Favourite Social Media Channel

Hi guys!

Up until last year, I was a huge fan of Facebook. I'd rarely be off the site; scouring through peoples photographs, seeing what everyone had been up to and keeping up to date with all the gossip. But now that's exactly what puts me off!

Admittedly, I do still use Facebook daily, but not in the same way that I used to. Everytime I log onto Facebook now all I see is either, a) disgusting videos which 100% should not be on Facebook (c'mon guys, children use Facebook!) or b) bitchy, ranty statuses. Both of these really irritate me. I've had horrible stuff written about me, using the medium of Facebook, and it spreads faster than wildfire. People believe what is written on there, people judge you because of it and, most importantly, people aren't afraid to write horrible stuff on FB as they're not saying it to your face.

Now, I don't get that issue with Twitter. I very rarely see people writing nasty tweets about people, or if they do, they seem more generalised and they don't mention names or make it obvious who they're tweeting about. I hate it when people do that; they seem to forget that bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, and I think that Facebook is a major culprit as a feeding ground for bullies!

That's one of the reasons I'd choose Twitter as my favourite social media site. Another reason is that you're exposed (in a good way!) to so many people and projects and ideas that you'd never hear about somewhere else. I've stumbled across amazing blogs, life-changing charities and just some lovely people also. Whereas on Facebook, you're limited to your friends... I know that sounds horrible, but Twitter is much more of a 'networking' site whereas, to me, Facebook is for keeping up to date with your friends and their lives.

The final reason why I love Twitter is that there is no awkwardness when you unfollow somebody! On Facebook, if you delete someone as a friend, they can't access your page and they're like 'oh hey, she's deleted me, that's rude,' whereas on Twitter you unfollow somebody and - if they're following you - they can still see all your tweets, it's not like you're banishing them from your business. And also, you can re-follow someone as many times as you like! :-P

How's everyone getting on with the Blog Everyday in May challenge?
I feel like it's really helping me to improve my writing techniques!

Becci xoxo

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