Thursday, 30 May 2013

28. BEDM // Who Inspires You?

Good morning guys.

I didn't blog yesterday for the Blog Everyday in May challenge as I had quite a few things to do and, also, I didn't feel that my morning ritual post would make for very interesting reading!

However, I'm back today (very early, admittedly) to blog about the second-to-last topic: who inspires you?

I'm inspired by so many people. It depends which aspect of my life I focus on. I admire different people for different reasons.

For example, Cecilia Ahern is a huge inspiration to me. She's my favourite author and I find her books almost magical. The way she writes is beautiful and she must be so creative to come up with some of her stories. At the same time, she seems so humble. Although she is successful and well-known in her own field, she is not a 'celebrity' and I respect that. She's had success, she's done well for herself but she's still very down to earth. (total girlcrush)

I also massively respect Nigella Lawson. Not only is she a fantastic cook (cook, not chef) but she's undoubtedly absolutely gorgeous, classy and intelligent. Although she's lost quite a lot of weight recently, I believe she's a brilliant advocate for healthy body image and for women, and girls alike, to embrace their curves. She proved that men do love curves and I honestly think she's an excellent role model. Plus, she's probably my dream wife. (another girlcrush)

Totally cliched, but my parents and a lot of other members of my family, really inspire me too. My parents have really struggled the last few years and, by no means, have they been perfect but they've got through it by putting their family first. I have a few family members who have conquered illness and even disabilities, but they've come out of it stronger, and I respect that. I complain a lot - I'm just one of those people - but some of the events that have happened in my family within recent years have really put things into perspective and made me realise how lucky I am.

I feel sort of bad that none of the people I've mentioned are people who have fought for something, campaigned, changed the world, etc, etc, but I do have respect for people like that. 

But these two women are idols of mine... I guess it's probably because two of my main interests are literature and cooking and, to me, these ladies are the top of their game in these fields. And, of course, my family inspire me because they're 'ordinary people' dealing with 'ordinary problems,' but doing me proud in the process.

The bottom line is...
I have respect for anybody who tries to make the world a better place.

Becci xox

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