Friday, 10 May 2013

13. BEDM // Travel Dreams

Morning (or midnight...) everybody,
It's currently 00:22 and I'm writing this post as I browse holiday website, make plans and fantasise about lying on a beach, sipping cocktails.... *snaps out of trance*

Today's topic for Rosalilium's Blog Everyday in May challenge is 'My Travel Dreams,' and I know exactly what my main dream is - to visit New Zealand! I've only travelled to France, Spain and Ireland (as well as various parts of the U.K) so far in life, mainly with family but also with friends and on school trips. I've yet to experience a girls holiday (anybody offering?! I'm game!) or a romantic city break with my boyfriend (unless Edinburgh or the Lake District count? Not exactly 'exotic'...) but it's New Zealand that I'm craving!

Some very close family friends of mine moved to New Zealand over 10 years ago, which is when I first started to see what a beautiful and diverse country it was. It's so appealing; hot summers, glorious beaches, incredible scenery and such an awesome lifestyle! Who wouldn't want to go?! 

My boyfriend was lucky enough to spend a month in the North island when he was 18; he spent his time visiting distant relatives, relaxing on the beach and doing extreme sports! He's always talked about it and it's only made me want to go even more.

Abel Tasman National Park, South Island

I think the photograph aboves shows exactly what I love about New Zealand; clear blue sea, white beaches and rolling hills. The landscape is so diverse and there is literally something for everyone! Whether you want to sunbathe, shop, explore the scenery and nature of the islands, or try out some water-sports or even ski-ing?!

Enough dreaming: my boyfriend and I are currently saving to visit New Zealand in 2015. I know, I know, it's aaaaaaages away (and currently £4,000 out of our reach)... but it's still so exciting! I've never been outside of Europe and - as I said before - in 3 and 1/2 years together, my boyfriend and I have never been abroad together. 

We're hoping to go for 4 weeks; spending 3 weeks in the North Island with his family and then the last week  in the South Island, exploring the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park and generally just making the most of the opportunities we're given.

Have you visited New Zealand?
Do you have any tips, ideas or activities that we could try?

Becci xoxox


  1. My boyf cycled down the length of New Zealand a few years ago. His stories are brilliant. I'd love to visit myself one day. It's on the list.

    1. Wow, lucky him! *suddenly feels insanely jealous* It just looks like heaven on Earth doesn't it?! We're planning on going November-December 2014, can't wait!